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Cake (or something) to celebrate Birth Day?

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I kind of want to do this!
Never done it before but I'm sure the boys would get a kick out of it. And I can always go for some cake.
DH is not a cook by any means but I'm thinking I could just pre-mix dry ingredients and surely he can figure out the rest.
The other option is a fantastic vegan cake (like a 1/4 of a sheet size) at our local natural food store but we'd have to have someone go get it for us... We're 45 minutes away from town.

Anyone else do something to celebrate on Birth Day?
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that's really cute, and i'm sure i'd be all about some vegan cake after she arrives. i'm the only vegan baker in the family though, so i don't know if my MIL or sister will be able to do that. maybe i'll teach them how to make a practice cake. eyesroll.gif

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Haha my boys would love this! I think instead of baking we'd pick up some cupcakes from a local place. Yum!

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Ohhhh, this might be a good labour project for me. :)

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I was just thinking about this the other day - I have a couple GF cake mixes with vegan options on the box, so I think maybe my mom or MIL could figure that out, i know my kids would love to make a cake (but in order for everyone to eat it it has to be gluten/dairy/egg free - i wish we could do eggs, that would be so much easier)

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With my son I was sooo ready to be done that I baked a cake and literally said "I've baked your birthday cake so you need to come."  Ate some cake, placed 4 evening primrose capsules near my cervix and went to bed early with my dd, three hours later contractions started.   It is funny because I am so not ready to make this one its cake yet(for me its like saying I have absolutely no hesitation with you coming today), but I am ready to be done being pregnant.  I think she is waiting for her cake, I will probably make one on her due date.  Oh and by the way it was a great early labor snack(I make my cakes healthy that one was a carrot cake with coconut oil glaze) mmm maybe I will make her cake a little early.

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Too funny, baby arriving in time for cake!
I actually had been dealing with days of on/off labor last time and was so over it emotionally.
Had a good cry, made an apple crisp, ate some and went into full labor like an hour later.
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