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Vit K mandatory for pedi..WWYD?

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Hi all. I have 2 un-vaxed kiddos and am 28 wks along with #3. The first 2 births were in another state and we were able to birth at a birthing center. However, I had blood pressure with both and now have moved to another state where the birthing centers have "risked" me out. So, this will be our first hospital birth. We are going to the most natural friendly hospital in the area and are with a group of hospital midwives. We've already covered our basis that we wouldn't be having CPS called on us for not doing vit k, hep b, eye gunk, ect.


So, I've asked around (friends, chiro,midwife, looking on this site) and the only non-vaxing pedi practice in the area is now requiring Vit K at birth or they won't accept you. We obviously have to have a pedi sign off on the baby at a hospital and I do typically keep to the first year WBV even though we don't vax but to check baby, build a relationship with pedi, ect. I asked the receptionist and she confirmed that oral Vit K would be okay. But, I'm not sure how this would be verified since it would be something *we* would do and not the hospital.


In this situation what would you do?  I feel like my hands are tied b/c all the other docs in the area would require vax before "allowing" us to be patients. But, unless we had a true reason we wouldn't do the Vit K...

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The first thing I would do would be to ask the paed practice to inform you, *in writing*, what they consider acceptable evidence that your baby has had oral Vit K. Then, if you decide to go that route you will know what they require.
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Another friend suggested that too yesterday. I hadn't even thought of it. Great idea. Thanks!

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Can you talk to your MW or OB and ask them if they would be willing to join you in making this decision based on the nature of the birth? And then just advising the Ped? I didn't realize that a pediatrician would even make the call about vit. K - thought that was the call of the parent, MW or OB. 

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Oh, and look up oral vit. K. I remember reading up on that and decided for the shot if we determined that the birth warranted vitamin k...I think. 

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Seriously this ped will turn you down if you have a non-vit K newborn needing a checkup?

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