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My twins :)

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Hi everyone! I've gotten several PM's from people asking for updates for the twins, so I figured I'd start a thread and that way I can keep track of all the info anyway.
at 35 weeks, 1 day
Calliope Jane was born first, weighing 4 lbs 6 oz and was 16.5 inches long
Eleanor Wendy was born second, weighting 4 lbs 11 oz and was 16.5 inches long

Wendy had a fluid in her lungs and was immediately transferred to the city hospital to be admitted to the nicu.
Callie stayed with me at the hospital where I gave birth.

When I left the hospital to come and see Wendy, I arrived to find her covered in cords: a respirator, a feeding tube, a thermometer, and of course all the regular monitors. Plus, an I've in the side of her head. It was pretty scary at first- not only to have her taken away and in a different hospital, but to not be able to pick her up. I'm really glad I did a nicu tour when I was pregnant ( thanks for coming with espri!) because I can imagine that the stress of being in the room for the first time would have really gotten to me.

Wendy spent two days on the respirator, under warming lamps, no nursing, and started to improve. We were moved to the intermediate nursery, and things were really looking up. The day she arrived at the intermediate nursery, her temp fell and she had to be placed in an isolette to get warm. Skin to skin wasn't working and she was pretty low.

That night, dh picked me up from the hospital at 4 am and he brought Callie, since we just had to switch places. He'd warmed the van up really well, but Callie got cold. We tried for hours to warm her back up, but her temp was low. She'd been released from the hospital with an order to have her bilirubin checked the next day. When she got to the nicu it was 15. Since we couldn't keep her warm, we took her to the hospital where they admitted her into the nicu and started her opn billi lights and a warming bed. She still cannot maintain temperature, but they have been able to take the lights off since her level has dropped down to 10.5.

Wendy has a billiruben of 13.1 after a full day of blanket lights, so she's still on it. We're waiting to see if she can hold her own temp after coming off the lights. It's looking good though.

It's been easier than I thought to be with these babies and be in the nicu. As most people in this community know, I lost my son to SIDS in April 2012, and his first birthday is rapidly approaching. I thought the triggers of being around hospital equipment and babies would be a lot more difficult for me, but it's really just made me want to push through ths time and do what I have to do to keep them healthy. It sure does feel good to ave these babies.

I'll post a pic as soon as I get to a real computer smile.gif
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Congrats Mama. I've followed your journey off and on in various forums here and so happy to hear you are all doing well smile.gif
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I've also followed your story around the forums. I'm so pleased for you that your girls are here and going well. I hope they're ready to go home soon.

I'm glad you're finding the NICU experience easier than you thought too. I know (but can't possibly understand, of course) that this is not a time of uncomplicated joy for you and your family so I'm glad there are small mercies such as this to make it a bit easier on you. Don't forget to take good care of yourself.

Congratulations to you all and welcome to the world, Calliope and Wendy :-)

P.S. Lookking forward to a pic when you can manage it.
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Those are two of the most beautiful little babies I have ever seen. Wishing you smooth sailing from here on out! 

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Oh so sweet! What lovely girls! NICU life is tough so I'm glad you are doing okay there. Hope you are all home soon smile.gif
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They are lovely. Congratulations again.
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I just ran into a post of yours in TAO and decided to see if I could find other posts to see how you're doing, and was so happy to find this one! Congratulations mama! joy.gif

Also glad to hear the NICU isn't affecting you in the negative ways you'd worried about. You sound well.

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Congrats on your girls! I just our my babe 4 weeks ago and she has spent the last 3 weeks in the NICU and they are guessing another month yet for. NICU is hard, hopefully they can come home soon!
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