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Cutting nails - need ideas

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DD is now 21 months and I've always cut her fingernails while asleep (her, not me wink1.gif ). She's started rolling away and pinning her hands under her tummy, making them completely inaccessible without waking her. Any toddler mama tips on finding some way to clip them? When do kids start consenting to stuff like this?
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I have an older DD as well, but if I offer a mani they love it!  I use piggy paint, but only started that when older dd was 4 and DD2 was 2.  I may use a little paint brush with water or something similar to keep it special.


my girls are really good about it.

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I cut my son's nails (he's 27 months) when he's eating. I act like the scissors are hungry too, and that they need a snack. Usually they swoop in and trim a few nails on one hand and then he yells no, and then they "cry" and beg for more nails, etc. It takes a while, sometimes two meals before they are all trimmed, but it works out!

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Thank you ladies for the great practical ideas! I will try them both. DD gets a rousing game of peekaboo going with daddy at mealtimes and may be distracted enough by that if the hungry scissors don't work. She is also a girly girl in some ways so making her hands "pretty" could help too. Thank you!
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I've pretty much always done DD's while awake, she's 14mos, so she's more interested in the clippers now, but it's not a big deal - we sing the ABC's or she gets to read a book to me or we count her fingers as I go and it's enough to keep her still long enough to finish the job.

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My DD is really interested in the names of the fingers, so we talk about that as we go along.  I usually set a goal of only a few fingers at a time, so it's easy to accomplish and she sees how fast and easy this really is.  Also, we have these baby nail clippers with lights, and boy does she love those lights.  When she was younger, the lights made her LOVE nail clipping.  I think that's why she's still so good about it now. 

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I've had luck while she nurses.
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