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And, luckily our kids don't mind driving! :D  We drove from Ohio to Florida to go to Disneyworld last year! :D

We purchased an older motor home 2 years ago and have been doing a lot of driving vacations. We've done 2 trips to Yellowstone and are planning another a year from this summer. It's not exactly cheaper than flying all over, but I've really enjoyed the time with the kids on these trips. I think one of my favorite trip videos is of my son narrating a story he made up on the fly involving a package of gummi bears. There was a lot of "OH No! You're going to be eaten!" throughout the story, but it was this fun moment that I don't think we would have had on an airplane or in a hotel room.

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A motorhome would make driving so much easier. We've opted out of flying the past few years due to the newer TSA regulations. I will not have my daughter felt up by a total stranger. I have family who thinks we're crazy, but, *shrugs* we actually enjoy getting to see some of the sights on the way to and from our destination, even if we're usually in a hurry to get where we're going.


The rib pain I've been feeling has actually gotten easier to deal with. I think Bun is dropping lower in the pelvis and using my ribs as a pushing off point a little bit less. So, I decided to do a complete top-to-bottom clean of my daughter's room, today. It's needed one since last summer and I've been putting it off until I had the energy to deal with it. I hurt so bad, tonight, but it was so worth it. I just have a few things left to take care of in there and I can say one room down... way too many to go. XD


I did pull the baby stuff out of her closet. It's going to be fun going through it all. Luckily, I had it all pretty much broken down by year, so I only have a couple of boxes to go through.

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spughy, glad to hear we're on the same page. I got a lot of really great things out of synchro, but wow, uber-competitiveness can be not so fun!


sunshine, glad you could make it back in some form! And sorry you got booted off to start with. greensad.gif It didn't seem like you'd ever been anything but cordial here!


We did lots of road trips when I was a kid. Some flying, but not too much (but back then, airport security was obviously not as much of a problem). I think the driving was often cheaper, and more adventurous! I definitely have lots of fond memories of it. I'm not sure what we'll end up doing, since our families are all down in California. Which is definitely drivable, but does take some time!

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Oh, and I wanted to say to withlittlelungs, I love your new profile picture!

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