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Halfway There!!!

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Yup, we are coming up to the halfway mark!! Can you believe it!? I'm 20 weeks today, and I feel like time is going to start flying by!

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Hah, you are the leader of the pack!  I am still back at 16w5d so the halfway point still seems a good bit off.


Just as it will be interesting to see the gender spread we have w/ this group of babies, it will also be interesting to see how true birth days get mixed around from the projected EDDs!  You're 3 weeks ahead of me but I could give birth before you (but I certainly hope not!).

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ohhh i'm way behind! I'm due july 4th but the last two have been pretty early (first one 8 days early, second 12 days early) which is why i'm in the June DDC and not July.

I am only 15 weeks today!

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I'll be 18wks on Saturday.  I'm starting to get that nesting itch where I want to go out and start collecting stuff for this little guy! :)

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I'm 20w1d today! Can't believe how its zooming by!
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15 and 16 weeks are still pretty close, as "full term" is technically after 38 weeks thumb.gif


And I have definitely been nesting! I think because our house is in such disarray, there is a lot of work to be done!! The day we found out it was a girl, I went out and bought a couple of girly onesies and went through my cloth diaper stash, then posted a want ad for girly covers which I will be picking up next week....and I have "wish lists" on amazon and babies r us. My nephew is 10 months older than my DS, so between the baby shower and hand me downs, I didn't get to buy much for him, and apparently I'm making up for it now!! What I did buy for him, I tried to be frugal with and ended up buying things that only going to work temporarily (also, we bought a house when DS was 3 months old, so some of it had to be temporary!), but now I have to buy new stuff for DS and some stuff for the new baby instead of just being able to recycle things.  Luckily babies don't require too much stuff, but I tried to make do without a dresser and used bins on a flimsy shelf instead when I bought stuff for DS, and his stuff just didn't fit well in there, and I would have felt like we got more for our money if we had a real dresser for these two years instead of buying it now.  So, I don't want to do that with BabyGirl, but it means that we will have to buy 2 dressers at once now.....I'm babbling a bit because I really don't want to wash the dishes.....


I think that March usually feels like a really, really long month, so I am interested to see how time passes by this time ;)  I might try to make DH take a long weekend from work so we can break it up with a mini get away.....

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I'm 18 weeks today but I'm counting it as halfway anyway thumb.gif  Mainly because my first was born at 35 weeks, 2nd-5th between 37-38weeks. (All natural births that started naturally) I NEVER make it past 38 weeks! NOT that I am complaining by any means bow2.gif   I am in total awe of you 40+ week mama's. My own mom carried me to 43. 

I am so thankful my body just seems to 'cook the bun' faster since I get HUGE come 38 weeks and my babies go straight out. Feel like singing 'Defying Gravity' all the time Ugh.


(Oh, come on, where's the 'BUN' emoticon? There should be one!) winky.gif

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It is getting exciting!  I'm 18w+5d but will consider myself halfway at 21 weeks.  I always go over 40 and have been known to push 42.  I wonder how big this baby will be?  Each has been progressively larger.  The last was 10lb 11oz. and she was born the earliest of my 4.   I wonder if I'll get an 11 pounder this time.

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You rock mama thumb.gif  Both myself and my husband were 10+ and 11 pounders so when I popped out these little 7-9lbs babes everyone was surprised!

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I'm so curious about the size as well! An 11 pounder would be impressive!!! When I was pregnant with DS my MW told me that there was no way that I was having a big baby - I was 6.5 pounds and my husband was 8.  "There's no way you have an 8 pounder in there!" she said.  I think she was just trying not to freak me out.  He was 9 lbs 8 oz.  I wonder if this girl will be bigger or smaller??

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20 weeks today! My yoga teacher said she could feel the effects in me. My left hip was acting crazy to accommodate right side babe. Now to get serious on this house.
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