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Threw up blood...I think?

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I was doing some cleaning., and suddenly had the urge to throw up. I ran to the bathroom, and threw up at first what looked like a mix of the coffee, and water that I'd had within the last hour or so. Then at the end, there was a VERY small amount of red streaks. Then I just spit up some red. I also had a very strong metalic/coppery taste all the while. I've never done this, and am not a regular vomiter during this pregnancy. (Last time I threw up was 3 days ago, and before that, it's been a week or more).


Have any of you ever seen something like this?

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Not sure what to tell you, does your mouth or throat feel like it has any abrasions? Stomach pain at all (actual pain, not just nausea). If it happened again I would definitely get it checked out.

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I've never heard of that related to pregnancy. Except I know you gums are extra sensitive...could the blood have been from inside your mouth rather than from your stomach? Or did you eat anything red??
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I threw up blood with my last pregnancy, but I was vomiting every day several times a day. Could you have hurt your throat when throwing up?
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Partially digested blood looks like coffee grounds. Could you have developed an ulcer(stomach or esophageal) that may be bleeding into your stomach? Don't ignore heartburn pain or stomach pain.
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I'm sorry. That sounds awful!
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How are you doing taryn? Any more blood like symptoms?
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Are you feeling any better??  I had several spells of wretching (without throwing up) that resulted in me "coughing up blood" - I just considered it to be part of the increased blood pressure thing.  You know how pregnant women are supposed to be more prone to bloody noses?  And I've definitely noticed that I bleed much more profusely and for longer if I accidentally cut myself cooking or shaving (this can be a real hassle as a matter of fact).  I figured the extra strain on my throat from all the virtual dry-heaving had popped a small blood vein or such - definitely red and definitely metallic tasting.

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Correction: not increased "blood pressure" -- more like increased "blood flow."

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I blew my nose this morning and it started bleeding. NOT cool!
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Thanks for checking in guys! Sorry i've been away for a bit. I did talk to my midwife about this, and she had told me if I threw up blood again to go to urgent care, but I never did. I hadnt eaten anything red, nor had I been vomiting a lot. So who knows. Weird fluke.

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