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NT test

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I had the NT test done at 12 weeks and the baby looked good according to sono tech, got the results back and the blood work came back abnormal which of course freaked me out.  Based on my age, I'm 36 my chances of having a down syndrome child was 1/174 after the results my chances were 1/42.  Doctor said basically 1/42 is 3% meaning 97% baby will be fine.  I will be 13 weeks tomorrow, dr said I could have an amnio to do further testing af 15-16 wks.  also said there is a Materniti21 test, which is a blood test that tests the same as the amnio but it's not as invasive....I will be getting that tomorrow.  I'm not too concerned as I read there are many false positives w/ this test and remember going through something similar w/ my 9 yr old daughter and she was completely healthy.  Anyone have similar experience?  Of course there's that part of me that worries, what if I'm that 3%?  thanks for your input....Tara

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Oh I'm hoping for the best for you on this! I have read about the situation you're in and as you know most people who test into abnormal end up with healthy babies. But still, it is nerve-wracking. 


I am getting my first round of testing tomorrow, at 12.5 weeks, so I'll be holding my breath too. I am 35 years old, so my odds are similar to yours. 


My midwife just told me about the Materniti21 test and it sounds like a much better option than amnio. The way she explained it, there would be no reason to get amnio if you get Materniti21. Do you have the same understanding? Do they only do  Materniti21 if your NT comes back abnormal? 

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Thank you, it is very nerve racking.  I hope you get good results when you go for your test...good luck!!  Probably the first of the many nerve racking things we'll go through being pregnant and becoming a mommy : )  My doctor recommended the materniti21 test as an alternative to the amnio, which i was happy that this test is now available as it is much safer and just as effective as the amnio.  I believe that they only do the materniti21 test if you get abnormal results with the NT or at risk for down syndrome due to maternal age, family history, etc.  Best of luck to you on your test and pregnancy smile.gif  Tara

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I got my first screening ultrasound today but the baby never got in the right position for them to do the neck measurements! In part because I have a tipped uterus which they said is not a problem, just makes it harder to see the baby at this stage. I have to go back in 3 weeks to try again and at that point they'll probably also do the materniti21 type of blood test. 


In another interesting twist, the MFM practice recommended I not get materniti21 today because I was originally pregnant with twins but one never grew past a few weeks. (Not something I'm sad about -- I really am not prepared for twins and hats off to all who are! You have my infinite respect.) The sac from the twin who didn't make it is still in my uterus so a materniti21 test could pick up information from that embryo, which could theoretically have not made it due to having one of the trisomies. And then I could have a false positive on the  materniti21, which the doctor kindly said she wants to avert me going through. So... that means we need to wait three weeks to see if the egg sac with no baby in it dissipates/goes away and then they'll do the materniti21. They want to avoid doing amnio if possible, which I really appreciate. 


So today was entirely inconclusive, except they said that the baby doesn't have any obvious thickness around the neck which would be immediate reason for them to order an amnio. I'm actually kind of relieved to have a few more weeks before I need to be tested again. I'll just enjoy these weeks of pregnancy without waiting for the phone to ring with results, then start over at week 15!


The baby was adorable on the ultrasound, by the way. And aren't they all!!!

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sorry double posted that!

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Glad to hear your dr opted for you not to get the materniti21 because of the possibility of a false positive.  It's reassuring to hear that the baby looked good on ultrasound.  For me, it was the blood results that came back a little off, but they also said baby looked good on u/s.  I would be more concerned it it was the opposite way around.  I spoke w/ the genetic counselor for over an hour and felt more at ease, as she even said that these tests make more healthy woman worry than anything.  So at this point I'm just going to try and enjoy the pregnancy, easier said than done..lol.  I hope you get good results when you go for your tests.....I'm sure you will!!!  PS....baby was adorable on u/s, it's amazing how active they are yet we don't feel it yet, cant wait to feel the first movement!!!  take care, Tara

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