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Hello, Mamas!

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My name is Melissa. I'm a 35 yr old wife and mother to, I'm sure you've surmised, a beautiful little creature named Veda (VAY-duh). I'm a 4th generation flower shop girl who works 50 hours a week with my daughter (6th generation flower shop girl). I have an identical twin who has 2 teenage children. Like my sister, every mama I know has nearly-grown children and some even have grandchildren. My Veda will be 5 in March.


I found this site whilst scouring the web for factual evidence to back mother's intuition regarding my refusal to vaccinate. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't tell me I'm a horrible mother. Veda starts school in the fall and, in SC, only medical and religious exemptions are offered. I'm not a religious person, nor was I raised by religious parents. I believe in being good and doing good and making good. I believe in love and compassion and kindness and knowledge. That is, in essence, my religion. Be that as it may, I'm signing an exemption form stating that my religious faith prohibits the practice of childhood vaccinations so the government will allow me to forfeit poisoning my baby. Hmmm. I digress. Well, that's me. Hello, all of you. Hope this finds you well and happy and warm. -mel


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Hello and welcome!  I love the photo of your daughter.

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