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Cluster Poops

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I've been ECing my peanut since about a week old and have had varying success at it. I'm mostly relying on timing now as I don't have the "signals" worked out yet. She's 3 weeks currently and has started what I'm calling cluster pooping. She will start squirming that she's going to get up and I take her to the bathroom to EC her. I have a "catch" right away (within seconds) then I clean her up, and put her diaper on. Then like 5 mins later (sometime less) she blows up her diaper. She does this ever so often, I'm not sure if I should even try to catch all her poop or just be happy with the first catch and hope that eventually she wont poop in clusters any more. Does anyone else have this issue?

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That's how my baby poops, too.  I'd say catch what you can and don't stress about what you miss. Maybe you could try the "top hat" or some other pants-free-in-lap system if you think she's going to have a string of poops.

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So you never know when it's coming, is that it? Is there a bowl or something you could assign usage for pottying her in your lap for those moments, if you don't think you can make it back to the bathroom? Maybe after you've taken her the one time, cradle her in your arms with the bowl underneath her so you can try and catch it that way? Otherwise I agree. Don't worry so much about it. The liquidy stage can be so difficult!

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I'm not sure when she's going to have a cluster poop or just a single and I don't want to just hang her over the sink all day just in case. I'll have to try the top hat. I haven't experiment with anything outside of holding her over the sink so this will be a good time to expand my horizons.
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I thought they all went like that. When ours were little we would hold them for the poop, clean them up, hold for another poop, clean, repeat until the poop was done. Wiping stimulates more poo. We usually got 3 poops before they were done.
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How would you know they were done? Am I just over thinking this? Also, she gets fed up when I hold her there too long and my arms get tired.

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I was impatient and generally went, "3 is plenty, there can't be anything left!" The wiping really sped things up for us.
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