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blogs to share?

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I'm looking to freshen my blog reading list.  Anyone here keep a blog they want to share?  TIA!

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Ooh, I have tons (I am an excellent time waster!):




Girl's Gone Child (probably my favorite - her book is great, too)

Boho Baby Bump

Cinnamon Girl (bonus - she's just released a quarterly called Seasoned that looks pretty cool)

Design for MiniKind

Lay Baby Lay (mainly nursery stuff)

Offbeat Families (formerly Offbeat Mama - not technically a blog, I guess, but so worth checking out if you haven't already)



More general:


The Militant Baker (great feminist/body image stuff)

Vegan Housewives 



And, if all else fails, you can always check out mine - it's woefully under-updated at the moment, though!

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This is my blog, its all about my family and essential oils!!! :) Hope you enjoy. I dont post a ton...but its still new to you :)



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I don't have a blog, but a few I really enjoy are:
Shakesville - feminist blog covering a wide range of topics
Captain Awkward - a geek feminist that is mostly written as an advice column, but with good advice, she occasionally write a straight up opinion about something going on in the world, she is a geek after my own heart
Jim C. Hines' blog - He is a fantasy author but is a huge feminist and writes a lot of interesting stuff on his blog and has lots of good book recommendations which I always appreciate!
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My blog is :  www.thisblessedlife-aubrey.blogspot.com. AKA This Blessed Life at Rootsong Farm. It's our homestead blog. :) I list all my favorite blogs on the side bar of mine. I especially love homestead and large family blogs. :)

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