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When to test

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It's been almost 3 weeks since we dtd. My period came late (4 days after) and was lighter and shorter than normal. I've been feeling off for about two weeks now, headache that doesn't want to go away, nausea that comes and goes, hungry but no appetite. All those sorts of things. I picked up a preg test yesterday but I'm reading conflicting info about when to use it. Most sites say wait for the day of your expected period, but that seems to be based on not knowing exactly when things took place. 


How long did you wait to test? 



Any words of wisdom, reassurances, or even just 'hay you are being crazy'?

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ah, we are all a bit crazy. wink1.gif ..i read somewhere that if you test 18 days after having sex (and haven't had any more since then, of course), and the test comes out negative, then it is almost for sure you are not pregnant. now, there are always examples of women who don't test positive until weeks and weeks past dtd, but that's a very very! small minority. there are more examples, seems to me, of women who didn't know they were pregnant because they got what they thought was their period but was really implantation bleeding. etc. so, my guess is, if it's been three weeks, test away. good luck. wink1.gif
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