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Happy Birthday Kiddos!!

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Just wishing a happy birthday to our sweet little ones.  Can you believe that they're either already one or turning any day now?  Neither can I!


What are your birthday plans?  Anybody want to share a new photo?



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AJ's birthday was 1/2, but we had his party yesterday. DH did the pinata! I still can't believe it's been a year :) It helps that he just started crawling a few days ago... he hasn't "grown up" as fast as his big brother did (walking/talking before a year). I can still call him a baby, and refuse to believe that he's growing up! Hope everyone has fun celebrating the 1 year milestone!

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That train is AWESOME!!  Did AJ get some treats?


Q turns 1 on 1/23 so we're doing her cake smash photo session on Monday.  My oldest is home from school that day (MLK Day) and little man is home so it's going to be great to get photos will all of them together.


I had a blanket made for Q's first birthday - same for the older two.  We're a blankey family...even the almost seven year old still sleeps her hers nightly.

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AJ is soooo cute!

AQ care to share what kind of blankey you made? I like the idea of crafting for this special occasion.

I came to this thread to check in on our one-year-olds.  I can't believe it either! I was snuggling with my love bug this morning and was just dumbfounded that it went by so fast.  No more baby, this girl is a toddler now! I'm curious about silly things like this about our group's LOs: How many teeth? How much hair? What do they say?

My girl just cut her top 2 teeth bringing her to 4 teeth.  Her hair just started coming in this month and I can't WAIT until it is longer so people will stop calling my decidedly girly girl a boy! She signs milk, more, finished and says mama (or usually "MOM!!"), dad (not dada lol) and bear, and loves to play the point at things to get mommy to name them and try to say it game. She still eats very little solids which is disheartening for me because she is obviously still nursing a lot, and AF still has not returned and I want to get pregnant soon.  I'm so curious if anyone in our original DDC is pregnant again yet?


I will be checking back here for ideas for the birthday.  My little girl decided to wait until the last day of the month to make her appearance, so I am still planning.  I want to have some kind of... ceremony or something... that honors how significant the day is for myself, husband, parents, etc, as well as it being DD's birthday. I don't know yet how to do that... Anyway, happy birthday to our kiddos!joy.gif

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All the kids have these great blankets made by a friend of mine.  Sheet-like cotton fabric on both sides, with silky edges to "zip" (that's what they call it when you rub fabric between your fingers).  The silky edges are all embroidered - one side says "Happy 1st birthday, ___", one is "We love you, sweet girl/baby boy/little love." and the other two are quotes from their songs (oldest=You Are My Sunshine, middle=I Want To Be Loved By You, baby=Twinkle, Twinkle).  My kids use their blankets to sleep, nap, self-soothe, rest.  Well worth the money!!  Oh, they're all about yard length by yard length.


Today's the big day!  Happy birthday Q!!  And happy birthday to my son, too!!


We did our cake smash photos on Monday (oldest was home from school) and after Q got to enjoy it I let the older two jump in and they had a blast. :)

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Thanks! AJ did find some chattered candy on the floor after it was over..oops!... it was cold, so we did the pinata fast and came back in. Luckily, we found him eating it and cofiscated it. He wasn't as into his cake as I thought he would be, although he enjoyed it more than DS1 did at his first b-day.


Happy Birthday to your kiddos, AQ. Those blankets sound precious!

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