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Pregnant with triplets and worried about Baby C and IUGR

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I just had my 25 week ultrasound today.  A is Fraternal, B&C identical, sharing a placenta.  We were told today that A weighs 1.9, B at 1.8, and C at 1.3  Doctor said that was a 25% discordance, and nothing we could do but watch and wait.  He said he suspected IUGR vs TTTF because C's bladder and fluid level were fine.  When we asked questions, all he could tell us is that things didn't look good, and to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.  He said sometimes you lose one, but you save the other two--

I am confused and frightened.  Has anyone else had a multiple with IUGR that pulled through and started catching up in weight to the other babies??

What should we except?  What questions should we be asking??

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I don't have any answers to your questions, but I just anted you to know that I'm thinking of you and sending positive vibes to you and the babies!

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I also don't have any real knowledge of this topic (sorry, I know that's lame), but my friend had two babies--singletons, though--with what was supposed to be fairly serious IUGR.  Both were induced prematurely (one month early), and both are totally fine now at 2 years (DD1) and 6 months (DD2).  Very intelligent, lovely, normal girls.  The cause of the IUGR is a mystery; my friend is in perfect health and was normally sized at her own birth 26 years ago.  She plans on at least 2 more so I hope that it is not permanently recurring for her. 


I realize that "friend of a friend" stories aren't generally super helpful, and this one doesn't involve multiples.  However, maybe it would be nice to hear about this positive result.  I really wish you the best of luck...I think your baby will be just fine, and I bet it is not the transfusion syndrome.  It seems like IUGR is scary but not devastating, especially since you will probably (don't want to assume but am guessing) will have a c-section, which seems safer and can be timed.


best luck, holding you in the light


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My boys had TTTS, with about a 25-30 percent size discrepancy (skirting close to the maximum size you can have and still be survivable).  In addition my donor twin had a cord insertion that was less than ideal, so probably some of that size discrepancy was NOT from TTTS (though some of it was), which is probably why both were miraculously healthier than what was expected for them at birth (esp. for my donor twin).


At birth, my donor/IUGR baby was shocking in appearance to me.  Keep in mind the only other baby I'd had was almost 10 lbs, he was 4lbs, and his brother was 6lbs.  So while his MZ twin did not at all look like a preemie, DS2 very much DID, and wow.  To this day they have kept about a 20 percent size/weight differential, but are otherwise healthy.


This was for twins though.  I am not sure if triplets are similar or if the risk increases exponentially.  What I have heard is that multiples are under stress earlier though, so they may develop a little faster in utereo.  I think if you are keeping a close eye on things, that's all you can do.  Are you drinking protein shakes?  If not, I'd highly recommend doing it.  I don't know if it was the placebo value or what, but it was suggested I do that for the TTTS and it did seem to help both my stress level and the babies'.  I have heard from too many other TTTS parents to think it's a fluke.


However, the bright side:  10 years on (well, 10 years in June anyway) my boys are happy, healthy, with little evidence (aside from the size difference which we have been told is likely to even out once they hit puberty) that there ever was a problem.  My donor/IUGR twin did lag behind on some developmental milestones, but these days he does as well as or better than his brother at many academic tasks, and is better coordinated/more athletic as well (I wonder if because he qualified for OT/PT services in early intervention and DS1 did not?).

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StephieLou, if you haven't already maybe try asking over on triplet connection as I am sure plenty of the moms there have been through similar things.


I thought ultrasounds were routinely unreliable about actual sizes/weights? But I am certainly no expert... :)

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