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Chamomile tea while pregnant?

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There is conflicting info about whether or not chamomile tea is safe while pregnant. I thought is was one of the most gentle herbs you can use. I drank 3 cups this first trimester so far to calm my nerves and some inflammation. Now I'm worried that I could have done damage to the baby at this most delicate time. :-(
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I would not worry about that one bit.

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It won't hurt the baby, but it can stimulate the uterus, so I would avoid it as much as possible. Rooibos (not with other herbs) is completely safe and stabilizes iron levels as well.

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It's weird that chamomile would stimulate the uterus since it's supposed to soothe cramping and calm things.
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I've drunk it all the way through this pregnancy,I'm 33 weeks with no problems,about 4 cups a day
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Swissmiss- Herbs are strange. It can cause contractions which is why it isn't recommended, but clearly it doesn't for everyone. I did drink it twice in my last pregnancy without incident (before I knew about the chance of causing contractions).

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Chamomile is fine. I completely trust Aviva Romm's recommendations (and she's usually very conservative with them) http://avivaromm.com/5-safe-herbs-for-a-more-comfortable-pregnancy-and-better-birth
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For it to cause contractions, you'd need to be taking huge amounts like in supplements, not in a tea or infusion.
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I would opt not to personally but I've had a recent double loss, so I'm extra cautious. It was not PTL, though. I know my friend said she had a relative who is a pharmacist that said that a small amount is okay.

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Thanks everyone!
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Sooo many herbs can cause uterine contractions.  Unless you're taking a huge, huge amount of chamomile, no worries.  I'd be more worried about coffee, soda or black tea.  Even culinary herbs like nutmeg, thyme, marjoram, basil, oregano and sage are all contraindicated, but you don't ever hear of them being "harmful" because no one consumes the amount necessary for them to be harmful.

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I'm familiar with the contraindication (since I have taught classes on herbs), but I have always used it during pregnancy without incident.  I'm guessing for *most* people drinking *reasonable* quantities of tea, it's probably fine.

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chamomile tea while pregnant does it all. i drink it everytime am stressed out or tired and just need a peacful nap or when am having those sleepless nights it makes me fall asleep so fast. and ofcourse i read about it but before taking it i asked my Dr which she confirmed that its quite safe.

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