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Obsession or anxiety?

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this site but am in need of advice.


I have been scouring the internet but can't find anyone with the same problem as me...


My son is 18 months old and for the last 6 months has been obsessed with objects around the house being in the "right" place. e.g baby gate must be closed, remote controls go on the mantelpiece, mobile phones go in pockets.


If we leave anything in the wrong place he screams at us. If we ignore him he gets worked up enough to produce tears.


Has anybody else experienced this?

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My 12 month old has begun wanting things in their proper place, making sure the baby gate is shut, and following specific routines, preferring diaper changes on the same spot every time. I figured it has to do with whatever developmental phase has kept me up for weeks. I think it might be learning programs, the sequencing to events. So my LO seems to have begun to understand getting in the highchair means food, and putting on shoes means we're going outside. So right now she's testing everything to figure out all the connections.
Your LO may also be dealing with developmental stuff, but other posters may have more ideas.
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My now 28 mo ALWAYS wants to close the baby gate and put things where they belong. It's pretty important to him sometimes, enough to scream about it when we rush him along and don't let him complete the task. I don't think it's that big of an issue, at least for my kiddo. I just see it as him having preferences, like we all do!
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To an adult, it seems OCD, but apparently it's a normal thing for toddlers, since it's a behavior that's mentioned in all the developmental books I've been reading...so I wouldn't worry about it.  It freaked me out a bit when my son started doing that too, but the good news is that it gets a little better over time (and they do get more flexible). 

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If you think about it this way, kids don't have too much control over their worlds.  Things are changing, they learn new stuff everyday, and that's pretty scary for some.  So the way to compensate is to micromanage the little things, the things they can somewhat control in their lives.  As they learn other ways to cope and as they are able to express themselves with words, they no longer need to control these things.

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ive seen this alot with my son that just turned 2. since i do have some ocd folks in my family i was getting a tad worried. its nice to hear  that it seems normal.  

I'm wondering if how parents deal with it affect how they move past it or hang onto it? like could this because ocd or an amity thing is i handle it badly? thats been my wnderng lately, how should i handle it?  i let it go most all the time, but when im in a hurry and since its twins i oftne need to keep them both moving in a direction at the same speed. i'm stuck as to how to handle it at times

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