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young wife seeking answers

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hey everyone, im a 21 year old wife and i have a few questions. me and my husband have been married for 2 years and we have been trying to conceive since November 2011, this is when i came off birth control for the first time since i was put on it when i was 14. i had my first cycle when i stopped the pill and then i didnt have one. one day i took a pregnancy test in may and it came up positive. we went to the doctor 3 weeks later and she said that we were about 15 weeks along but there was no heart beat. she told me i needed to take a pill (i dont remember the name) but this pill made me have a cycle. it devistated us but we moved on and started TTC about a month later, but i have yet to have a cycle since we lost the baby. the doctor says im just not ovulating and if i could i would be able to get pregnant...


the fact that we cant has taken a toll on me and my husband i have become depressed and he is starting to as well. this is all we want in our life and it would complete us...


i need someone to talk to and i would like maybe some natural ways to start ovulating again...if anyone can help please reply


thank you for your time


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Sorry about your loss, i know it must have been very dificult, and not being able to concieve again must be very frustrating. but maybe you should talk to your doctor again and see what he/she suggests for getting your body to start ovulating again. also thyroid and a few other problems can prevent ovulation so make sure thoes causes are eliminated 1st. another thing you can do is research ways to bring on ovulation, there are a few natural things you can do, and if the natural ways dont seam to help there are other prescription drugs you can use. i hope you find something that helps, be paitent, even after you get your body to ovulate regularily, getting pregnant may still take some time, make sure to track your ovulation with an ovulation calendar and pay attentions to the signs and keep trying. good luck ! dont give up ! you got pregnant one, dont loose faith it can happen again smile.gif
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i really appreciate you repling the only problem is that we dont have health insurance. my husband is a disabled vet and the va wont pick us up. we are fighting with them but havent had any luck. i was just trying this to see if anyone had any natural ways that had worked for them.

but once again thank you for your time its nice to talk to someone about everything

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I live in Canada, our health care is free, not quite sure how yours works but have you ever tried researching free clinics ? maybe just talking to a doctor would give you a better idea of what you should do. if thats not an option then keep researching natural remodys
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Hi there, you should google 'soy isoflavones'. There are so many success stories with this cheap over the counter supplement helping women ovulate and get their bfp after years of trying.

Babycentre website has a lot of info on it, how to take it and stories from other women about their experiences with it. It will take a few hours to read up all about it but the success stories are amazing so it will be worth the research.

Best of luck!
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