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Samuel Robert

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Is here! We welcomed him at 1.10 in the morning after my hardest labor yet. He's a nursing champ and I will post my birth story later. smile.gif
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Gorgeous! Congrats!
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What a cute little guy!!

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Congrats!  Looking forward to the birth story!

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Congratulations, mama!  Enjoy your babymoon. smile.gif
Precious...thanks for sharing his photo!  Gives me hope I'll see my girl soon. 

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Update: birth story
So after 3.5 weeks of obnoxious prodromal labor my mw and I decided it was time to "push me over the edge." So we did. I went into hospital and was contracting already. They gave me some pit to even out and strengthen the ctx. I then had my water broken around 2.30 in the afternoon. Then things got crazy. The ctx were insane and I stalled out at 4cm around 11 pm. I was so frustrated and in such pain that I took some pain meds (which was not the plan!) and began crying like a baby. I was just so upset, disappointed and frustrated. It was taking longer than my 1st birth!! (My L&D nurse told me that 3rd babes are more often than not like that for some reason.)
So, then within 3 ctx I went from 7-10 cm with his head 1/2 way down the birth canal. 10 min later I had him. I pushed a little, but he mainly slid right out. That was at 1.10 in the morning.
A funny side note: while in transition I said, I just want a nap! Lol
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Congratulations!!!  He is just beautiful!

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congrats!!!! What a cutie!

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Thank you ladies! Hope everyone is well. We are at home and becoming acclimated to being a family of 5 smile.gif
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