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Hi there,


I'm new here! Have been reading posts for quite a while, first time posting. I'm sorry if this question is in the wrong section, but I can't find another Toys forum on here. 


I was wondering, does anybody have Holztiger vehicles? I'm looking for a wooden dump truck and have found Fagus and Holztiger ones online, which I haven't seen in person before.  Holztiger dump truck costs quite a lot less than Fagus, but I can't find a review of this truck anywhere on the web. If somebody has it, would you mind sharing your opinion about it?  We are trying slowly to phase out plastic toys and subsitute with wooden ones. Just recently I've read that all Playmobil toys tested positive for BPA, whereas prior to this I, like everybody else, though Playmobil was a safe brand :(  The only good news is my son doesn't like playing much with Playmobil vehicles anyway...