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Help with cravings at 24 weeks

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Hello, I am 24 weeks and measuring slightly ahead. I know pregnancy cravings are normal but for the last few days I have been craving heavy carbs and lots of sugar. I was slightly underweight at the start of my pregnancy and am on track with weight gain as compared to my other pregnancies. For some reason I am worried that these cravings will turn into GD. Any suggestions to curb these cravings?


Specifically I have been craving stuffed crust pizza and really sugary birthday cake.

Edited to add: I have been also really sleepy the last few days. Not feeling run down or exhausted but just wanting to sleep alot.

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I crave carbs and sugar while pregnant, too. My MW told me this could be a sign of low blood sugar and has suggested I try to eat more protein to keep level. Is there a reason for you to fear GD other than regular pregnant anxiety? I also start off with low weight, so I feel like my body just wants to put weight on, and that's the reason for the cravings.

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Can you make yourself healthier versions of things or is it one of those time when only the exact thing you're craving will do? 

You could make some pizza with a cauliflower pizza crust recipe ( I hate cauliflower but it's actually pretty yummy and doesn't take like cauliflower.).  That way you are getting the protein Loveandgarbage mentioned and the fats to help you feel satisfied with out the empty white flour.  Maybe a cake with almond flower or something? 

It's hard to figure out if there is a reason behind the cravings sometimes.  I went through a while where I wanted chocolate and eggnog all the time.  Since I've started back on my cal-mag supplement I haven't wanted them as much.  Trying to figure out what my current cheese fries craving means now.  :)

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I've heard eating more protein will help curb those cravings as well. 

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I've craved alcohol throughout this pregnancy, its really upsetting as I'm alcohol dependent and have been in recovery for 2 years now, I just do my best to ignore it
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Well luckily the sleepiness and cravings seem to have gone away now. I was back to just snacking most of the day like I have been for the last few weeks. Maybe baby had some sort of weird 2 day growth spurt or something. Also I did try to make homemade version of the pizza today. It seemed to do the trick to satisfy any leftover craving, and the fam liked it to.

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Glad to hear that it got better! Usually I will give in a bit by having a small serving of whatever I am craving followed by a big meal with lots of protein and/or complex carbs and/or healthy fats. Sometimes substituting something similar works too. And yes, sometimes it means I'm just hungry in general or needing some random vitamin/mineral or sometimes even that I am thirsty. I've been lucky most of my cravings have been for stuff I need anyway or things that I can substitute for something I need, I've actually had refined carb aversions this pregnancy, wish I had that all the time!
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