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Miles is here! World's slowest labor followed by world's fastest transition!!

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Let me preface to say that my first was born in a hospital with an evil OB who kept wanting to put me on pitocin so she could get out of there...and I refused over and over...had a perfect natural birth despite the OB, except for the fact that she made me push lying on my back and I tore.  This time, I chose a midwife in a very natural-birth-friendly hospital.



Woke up at 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday as my water broke...at Monday's cervical check (38 w 3 days) I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced.  I kept waiting for contrax to begin, but only had very infrequent ones all day Wed.  


I met my midwife at the hospital at midnight on Wed. since my water had broken and she wanted to check out what was going on, but I was still only 1 cm.  Managed to sleep a little in labor & delivery for the rest of the night, interrupted by infrequent (but getting somewhat more intense) contractions.  At some point, I decided to try having my midwife put Cytotec on my cervix to help things along, as I still wasn't having anything regular.  The Cytotec definitely ramped up the intensity of contrax, but didn't do anything to establish a regular pattern.  4 hours later, though, I had dilated to 4, so we decided to try another Cytotec, which sadly did NOTHING to dilate further, but continued to increase the pain/intensity of the contrax.  


Finally, around noon on Thursday, as we approached the 36 hour mark since my water had broken, the midwife wanted to put me on a slow pitocin drip for 3 hours (it would be removed once I hit transition, and could finish the delivery without it).  I was scared of the possibility for intensity of contrax being too much for me, because the Cytotec ones were horrible already!  The nurse prepped me for it and gave me one round of antibiotics since it had been so long since my water broke, and also 1/2 bag of saline.  While this was happening, amazingly my body finally kicked in and I started having fairly intense contrax every 5 minutes!!  I begged to have them wait on the pitocin to see if this would continue, and it totally did....it took me about 2 hours to get to 7, then I got in the jacuzzi (which I had been dying to do the entire time...but midwife warned that if you get in too early, it can slow things down), had one intense contraction, 3 minutes of absolute bliss lying in the water, and then suddenly felt like pushing!!!  From 7 to 10 in 5 minutes!!!!!  Darn it, I only had 5 minutes in that jacuzzi!!!


I pushed on hands and knees (SO much better than lying on my back!) for 15 minutes, and out he came...6 lbs 12 oz, and thankfully only 1 stitch needed....midwife was brilliant at managing the delivery in terms of having me stop pushing (which is one of the hardest things I ever did!) at just the right time so that I wouldn't tear too much (I had a level 2 tear with my first, and I swear that was the worst part of the recovery).


So happy to be done being pregnant, and enjoying my adorable, amazing Miles!!!

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I'm amazed they let you go that long with your waters not intact- what a patient midwife! Congrats!
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Congratulations!!!  Must be something about water, because I believe that is where a lot of my dilation happened - in the tub.

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What a wonderful story!  

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Congratulations, mama!  Sounds like a wonderful birth.  Enjoy your babymoon!

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Congrats, mama!  BTW, love the name.  Miles was on our short-list for a boy this go round!

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