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Non princess girls training pants

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Does anyone know of Non princess girls pull up training pants? We don't have a washer or I would just use cloth. I am soooo tired of the princess thing. I have been able to avoid it all DD life until now. Grrrr. Give me hearts, stars, designs, butterflies, anything but the mass market princess, Dora, Disney thing. Thanks
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Gerber used to do a thick plain white one that my kids used just fine.
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I found one from Gerber but they are cloth. Were the ones you had disposable? I would love to use cloth but we don't have running water for a washer.
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Akcowgirl- AMEN! I am with you! Enough of the fantasy underwear. Have you looked at the boys undies? Maybe they have cars or trucks...better than Dora and princesses. I've also seen the disposable underwear that are denim looking...they look like jeans. So they are out there!
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Umm... Earths' Best training pants have adorable alligators on 'em!

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Are you looking for pull-up type disposables? The Whole Foods store brand is plain and gender neutral. So are the ones by seventh generation.

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Yes, the pull up style training pants. I will check into the earths best and seventh gen ones. Unfortunately I live in a small town in AK and we don't have a whole foods in the state let alone my town. I will try to find the EB or SG ones on amazon. The only thing I can get in town is huggies, pampers and Safeway off brands.
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I would be doing backflips if they put a whole foods here wink1.gif
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I think you can get a decent deal on 7th gen or earths best on diapers.com too... I have a neighbor who gets a box once a month.

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Meijer does butterflies...

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Most store brands don't have characters from what's I've seen, usually animals or stars or something. Huggies & Pampers are the only two I've seen with characters around here anyway.
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I've never used them but 7th gen now makes them.

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can i ask why you are looking for training pants? in reality they are just diapers under another name and are not very conducive to potty training. are you using them for another reason?


as for he general frustration of girly stuff, i find i buy boy things and like the patterns on then that tend to be more bold and graphic.

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You can order 7th generation ones on amazon. Depending on the size of your kid you might be able to get ones for older kids (ds wears good nights or underjams to bed and they have kittens or sharks on them.)
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I was using them to try to teach her to pull her pants down as that seems to be a hard thing for her. We have just gone back to regular diapers when out and naked lower half when home.

Even the store brand here has princess stuff on it.

Thanks for the suggestions. smile.gif
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some diapers have very strechy sides and cn be pulled down by my 24m olds with little problem, target brand is one that comes to mind. and they are good diaopers as well and come in either pokadots or stars depending on size and stuff. realy good dipers in general

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Earth's Best are gender neutral. you can buy them at babies r us!

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