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Guten Free oats question

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Hi there,

My son isn't allergic to gluten but he has a mild ASD and a gluten free, dairy free, soy free diet has really made a world of difference in his symptomatic behaviours. 


I bought some GF oats recently but then read somewhere that oats have a similar protein to gluten that has a comparable affect on people sensitive to it. Does anyone know about this or have they experienced sensitivities to GF oats? 

Any time we have a slip up with DS's diet he backslides a bit for a while and it's difficult for everyone so I'd hate for that to happen. But I'd really like to find out if he can tolerate these GF oats because I'd like to make some nut-butter honey oat snacks to give him something calorie dense and healthy as he has dropped some weight lately due to really finicky eating and recurring colds.


Any input on this will be appreciated!!!


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As with anything, it's possible to have and issue with them but as long as they are GF oats, the likelihood is low.  A very small number of people with Celiac (which is where my knowledge is, not ASD) who will react to them but it is a very, very small number.  Also, it is often recommended that when starting a GF diet that even GF oats be removed for the first 6 months. 

It's up to you if it is worth the risk of a backslide. Hope you come to a decision you are comfortable with!

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I do react to certified GF oats.  My doctors and I just assume that I'm avenin-sensitive, in addition to the celiac disease.

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My son is allergic to gluten, but he can eat regular oats - not gluten-free. I think it really depends on the person.

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