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Breastfeeding and top teeth

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My DD is almost 15 months old and over the holidays her top tooth finally broke through. She nurses 4-6 times during the day. And recently it has become a bit painful with this top tooth. It doesn't leave a mark but it feels a bit sharp sometimes when she is nursing. Is this typical?
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My DD was around 6 months when she got her top teeth and it was hard at first. It changes the latch a bit and I had to be more careful to get her to open wide. Trying new positions also helped. Mostly we needed time to figure it out how to nurse with teeth. Good luck!
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My youngest is 18 months old.  He has had two top teeth and two bottom teeth for about 6 months now.


Lately, it hurts every time I nurse him.  It feels a bit sharp.  It has been about a week and its not getting any better. 


I only feed him at nap time and bed time.


He is def not ready to stop.


Is it the top teeth that is causing this?


Is there anything I can do to fix the issue?

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to Julie,

probably not the teeth since he has had them for months and just started hurting for a week. Could be yeast infection... or plugged duct- are there any white spots on the nipple? = milk bleb which can get painful or cause plugged duct... I'd search kellymom.com- they have a lot of good info for nursing troubles... also if you have started menstruating again recently some of us (me included) get sore nipples around ovulation and menstruation, which is a drag...some recommend evening primrose oil for that....and it totally does feel sharp.

good luck!

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DD had to learn to adjust her latch when she first got her top teeth at 15 months. For a while I had to hold my breast when she latched and point my nipple so that it went more up toward to roof of her mouth, also I made it a fun game to work on her latch, I would just tell her that her new teeth were poking me and have her open her mouth really wide and say "Ahhh" as she was latching on. Sometimes she would get annoyed if I had her do it too many times, but usually she thought it was funny. Also, after a few weeks my nipple toughened up more and then even when her latch wasn't great it no longer bothered me. Good luck!

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