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I accidently did.


My first born is Magdalena, goes by Maggie or her step brother calls her Mags, his name is Alex and I named my son Max because of a dream I had after conceiving him. I didn't realize til he was over a month old that its a combo of his siblings.


That placenta brain gets me everytime...

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We picked fairly traditional, traditionally spelled names for each of our two kids -- agreed on them years ago in fact. I know plenty of others who choose a first initial or a last syllable. But others let  their children's names come to them after they were born (also a theme, in a way, in that they didn't have names picked already.

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All the women on my mom's side of the fam have L middle names going back like 4 generations: 3 are La Jean, 1 Lee and I'm La Rayne...my LO is Violet Luolan, her Chinese name conveniently worked with the "L" theme for her middle name.
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We went for a nature name, in this case a tree, plus a middle name that we really liked but has no family connection. The names are what "came to us" while I was pregnant, so in some ways I think it was not entirely just what we the parents liked.


We know she may go through a teen phase of not enjoying her uniqueness but so far she likes her name a lot.


If we have another we will again wait and see what arises. In many ways when I think of baby names it all feels irrelevant, not having the being here yet to feel. YET-- I am definitely drawn to nature names, so maybe they would indeed end up "matching."

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I went a little cheesy and gave all three kids names that matched. All the first names start with the same letter and all the middle names too. They are also all the same kind of names I guess. A little unique but not unknown or considered bizarre. It worked for us but I don't think there's anything wrong with doing it differently. If there's a name you and dh love and it feels right I would go with it regardless of whether it matches the others or not. 

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I'm thinking about this a good bit right now as I'm 33 weeks pregnant with baby #2. I certainly want the names to sound good when spoken together... And I don't want them to sound too similar... And I want them to have the same vibe, if that makes sense. It's difficult to walk that line of complimentary but not too matchy, you know? The last thing I personally desire is to end up with a group of kids named "Sandy, Randy, and Mandy" or whatever (did we all go to elementary school with a sibling set like this, or was it just me??).


Middle names are a bit easier because we will most likely choose from a predetermined list of family names. This baby will probably get his/her great great great grandma's last name for a middle name. The middle names of our kids will fit together in a cute way (sort of like "frog" "bump" and "log", to use the example of that old camp song "there's a hole at the bottom of the sea". It'll be random-sounding and no one will ever get the connection unless one of us tells them the family naming story. That's my favorite type of matching :)

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Of course we think the names we have selected for any possible future munchkins "go with" but aren't "matchy matchy" to Little Miss' name...  but if I"m being 100% honest, our male names are much more recognizable.  They're still not common names, but they're much closer than the female names.  I feel a lot more leeway with the female names.

All our selected names have two syllables, I just realized, my name has three and husband has one.  Does that count as a pattern?

All the names we would use are from our own ethnic group.

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Edmund Robert is Bug's name and Penelope Grace is baby girl's name (due in April). So we kinda went with strong, classic names. I suppose we could nickname Bug with a derivative of his name, but we never have...all his nicknames are just made up ones. Penelope may end up being Penny while little, though. We shall see!!
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DS1 is Marcus Henry and DS2 is Luca Thomas.  Neither first names are family names but Henry is.  We come up with a list of names but don't actually pick a name combo until the baby is born.  I ended transferring to the hospital (failed homebirth) with Marcus and in our flurry to leave, we forgot the name list.  Once he was born, we decided that he was Marcus Henry.  Once we got home, we realized that we had crossed Marcus off the list so if he had been born at home with the aid of the list, he probably wouldn't have the same name.  Obviously, it was meant to be.  Luca's name was trickier to come by and while he is who he is now, it's still not my favorite.  While I was in labor, I had a clear vision that he would be a boy (didn't know the sex beforehand) and that his name would be Cassius (Ca-shis).  DH flat out refused to honor the vision so Luca it was.  I loved Marcus and Cassius (the Roman theme) but maybe in my next life.  The only problem with Luca is that everyone calls him Lucas because they aren't familiar with Luca and Marcus's name ends in the same sound.  So yes, back to the original question, my kids names do match but not in the way I intended. 

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Yes, in a fashion.  Three names each (very old, "real" names spelled correctly with a good nickname which they can keep if they are cool adults =); something "boring" i.e. very traditional if the become a boring Republican banker/Senator; old family name that sounds cool to honor our heritage.

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Our boy is Guy, named after his father (DH is IV, DS is V). If we have more kids they will probbaly get unique but not too out there names, stuff that's normal but you don't hear often (like Guy). We were throwing around Dax and Gunner for boys, for instance. Shame Dax is getting popular, takes the fun out of it ;P

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We have a Bruce and the new baby will likely be Max. I think they go together, but don't really 'match'

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The names of my first 4 all end with "n" it wasn't intentional, just the names that we liked at the time We do like that they go well together. With this 5th baby we may break that. I'm not sure what gender we're having yet, but if we have a girl all the girl names I like right now do not end with n. Hubby is unsure about breaking the theme, but I am fine with it. There aren't a whole lot of names that end with n that I really like and the ones I do like have gotten really popular lately, like Evelyn. We do plan on having a few more kids, so we might as well break it now! My other thought is what if we adopt someday and all of our bio kids have a theme, but the adopteds' names don't fit in. I wouldn't want them to feel like they're not really one of our kids because of that.


Good luck!          

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