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Transitioning 14 month old AP child to daycare?

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My baby will be going to daycare when he is 14 months old from 8am-4pm every day. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions to make this transition easier for him? He's never been left with anyone but my parents a handful of times for quick trips like getting a haircut, running out to a store, etc. He seemed to do ok but my parents reported he was uneasy while I was gone. Understandable.

Our 5-day transition schedule set out by the daycare is to start with 2 hours with a parent present, the next day 3 hours (2 hours with parent, 1 with parent away), and it works up from there and his first full, alone day will be on the 6th day. 

....Another question is, is it appropriate for daycare workers to hug the children? I've been asked how I normally comfort him if he's upset, I normally carry him around with me or hold him if he's upset. I've met the workers already and it's a pretty high-end daycare, so I would suggest to them to do the same, but is this something that's normally asked of childcare workers?

Thanks in advance :)

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My little one started at a montessori daycare at that age and it took her about a week to adjust and by adjust I mean a few minutes of crying at the start of the day. We worked up to leaving her there as well. She had only previously been cared for by one person other than myself or my partner. What sold us on this daycare was the fact that we saw the staff holding and cuddling the babies when we went for a visit. If she's having a rough day one of the staff is often holding her when we pick her up. We co-sleep so I was concerned she would not nap, but she seems to have no difficulty settling on her cot with the others at naptime. There is always a staff member there to comfort them if they need that. They specifically asked us how we wanted her settled for naptime (e.g. walking, patting on back, rocking, etc.). So, I think it's fine to suggest holding or cuddling. I think appropriate physical affection is important for babies/toddlers. For us, this type of interaction was important, so we wanted a daycare that was adequately staffed and willing to do so.
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Thanks so much, that makes me feel a bit better :)


I noticed you're also from Toronto... if you don't mind me asking, how did you find a good Montessori in Toronto? There seem to be so many without any reviews or ways to compare them. We're in the downtown area so if you or anyone else has any recommendations for a good school/daycare, I'd love to know! :)

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You know, we found the same thing. Not to mention, many schools use the name montessori but not the philosophy. We found a school outside of Toronto (because we both work outside TO). We ended up finding a couple online, checking out their websites and then taking tours. The one we went with was clear about why they considered themselves montessori and we had a good feeling about the staff and other students. It would be great if there was someone on here who had a name of a school for you. The Waldorf school downtown has a great daycare, from what I hear, but it starts at 18 months.
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I'm part of a Toronto AP group and they are currently talking about pre-schools on the facebook group. It just occured to me that many of them are downtown and may have recommendations. Are you on facebook?
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Yes I am! :)


If you could PM me the name of the group I'd really appreciate it.

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I work at a daycare. It is certainly ok to ask the teachers to hug your baby.

I'll bet that your child will love the place that you choose.

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Thank you, that's great to hear :)

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