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Hmmm... I just googled some ideas and now I am undecided... I was originally going to do knots, but I am liking the bead spacers or even the wired look!   What to do... What to do...  orngbiggrin.gif

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ahhhh i want my beads! I will be stalking the mailman until they arrive thumb.gif

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Got my beads! My daughter opened the mailbox and said in wonderment, "There's a package in here." You ladies are amazing! Thank you, Jodie, for putting it all together! :D

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Yay! I got my beads this week too. They are beautiful and everyone put so much thought into their notes. Thank you all! And extra thanks to Jodie for coordinating the swap! What a wonderful gift to show how all of us are so connected through this experience!
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I was really hoping to open the mailbox to my package (it's my birthday). All we got were ads for grocery stores! What a bummer. 

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Got mine yesterday. I can't believe there weren't any repeats! Very thoughtful project. 

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I GOT MINE!!!!! The mailman surprised me and came back around to drop them off. I almost didn't go out to check the mail again. 
I am reading all of the lovely words you ladies sent and I am bawling. I am so happy to share this journey with you. This is the best birthday gift ever!

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Yay, mine were there when I got home yesterday!

Babygirl helped me open them all and read the notes. All of them are so different.

I sure do love birth bead swapping!

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I made my necklace....  I can't get the picture to post in a spoiler window.  Hmmmm.... Should I wait to post?  Let me know!

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I started a new thread for pictures.  Hope that's cool with everyone.

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Great idea scruffy!!!

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Thx.  Now I just have to have the self control not to check that thread....

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Dear Canada Post,

Perhaps you do not know the importance of the package you have yet to deliver.

Please hurry up.




AHHHHHHHHH!  I want my beads!!!  And it's SOOOO hard not to look at the results thread.

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o no, Kristin!!!!!  I can't believe it is not there yet!!!  :(

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angry.gif I think Canada Post is playing hard ball - although I'm not sure what I did to piss them off...  They also are taking their sweet time with some maternity clothes I ordered from Old Navy (.com, not .ca) back on DECEMBER 12TH!!  Maybe I'll order something from my favorite knitting store as a test, see how long that takes... 


Ohhhhh, I just want them sooo bad!!!  But I'm thinking Friday would be the best day.  I know I'll cry like everyone else, so if it's on Friday, I'll be able to dedicate all my time to looking at them, reading the notes, and crying without having it cut into my sleep thumb.gif.  Silver lining, right?

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joy.gif GOT MY BEADS!!!  Haven't opened them yet, but I can't wait!!!!!!!!  joy.gif

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YEAY!!!! :D  So happy for you, scruffy!

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Originally Posted by scruffy too View Post

joy.gif GOT MY BEADS!!!  Haven't opened them yet, but I can't wait!!!!!!!!  joy.gif

YAY!  It's about time!!!

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Yay Scruffy! Can't wait to see what you put together.

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