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16 month old whining incessantly

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He has been teething some, drooling  a lot, a little sick, etc. for months now. But he has always been a pretty happy baby. Lately, though, he is whining NONSTOP from the time he wakes til he goes down for nap. Then he's back at it again til bedtime. Some of it could be perceived hunger -- he is always wanting to eat and we are establishing a schedule. But he eats A LOT at each meal and there is no way he is actually hungry. I offer him a sippy with water whenever he complains, but that's not good enough for him.


I can't take it. There is no verifiable reason for him to complain like this. I check his diaper. I make sure he's warm enough. He's well-fed. He's not thirsty. He's given love and attention. I hold him on my lap and he stops for 3 seconds, then climbs down and starts the complaining again. I can't just sit all day and have him go up and down 90 times an hour. It is getting to the point where I am just finished with him. I hate to feel this way about a baby, but OMG he is ANNOYING THE DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ME.


Words of wisdom? Things to try? Reasons I might be missing? I want my happy baby back!

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Aww mama! Is your happy baby back? Sorry your post was missed.

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I have this same problem, but the funny part is she is an ANGEL with either her daddy or her grandma.  Is your LO whining non-stop with everyone or only you?  My husband will be watching my 15 month old DD and as soon as I walk in the door she starts whining.  Why, or what to do about it? No idea, and it's working my nerves lol. The only thing that gives me a little reprieve is to get her outside.  If I get desperate enough and I can't break away at that moment to take her for a walk outside then I will open the door to the balcony and she will run around out there for long enough for me to regain composure. 


Oh I just saw this post was from January! Please tell me your little guy has outgrown this phase now and let me know there is light at the end of the tunnel! dizzy.gif

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LOL! I felt so abandoned.... ;)


But yes, my happy baby is back (for the most part), so there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. He has had different phases where he'll be fine with everyone except me (my first son was like that and I swear he'd even go to strangers, but with me, he'd cry and cry and cry....), but then he'll have times where he HAS to be with me. So with me, he whines and complains, but with others he'll scream and cry to get to me.


My guess is teeth. Or maybe teeth plus general winter misery. He has had a long road of multiple health issues, and we are still just sorting things out now, but he's more settled, so that is helping a lot. He still hates to have me out of his sight, but he's not needing to be held all the time anymore.

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Just saw this thread.  Same thing happening here!  My 16-month-old is suddenly a total whiny mess.  Very clingy and just generally unhappy.  The whining is driving us nuts, it's always the same note - sometimes I find myself humming along with it in order not to go insane.  :)  Very clingy to Mama, and we're going through a fairly rough phase with DH - she cries for him to hold her, then as soon as I take the opportunity to do something exhilarating like cook dinner or fold laundry, she whines and wants Mama.  DH gets annoyed about 30 seconds after coming in the door, so he's very little help.  It's very intense right now!  Feels like everyone is on the verge of meltdown at all times, and the whining just ratchets up the tension.  I have been exhausted lately, I think from picking her up 100 times a day - my body has just about had it.  She's cutting molars, and also seems affected by the pollen this spring, so I figured that was mostly the cause, along with her own exhaustion from walking and more physical play.


There's another thread in the Toddler forum about kids around this age getting suddenly fussy and clingy - must be normal!

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Yep, I think we are all dealing with molars now, if I had to make a guess... Some days are better than others, thankfully!

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