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Using leappad, Ipad, or simliar for K5

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DS got a leappad for Christmas and it's pretty cool. They have a lot of great apps available. They seem to cover most of what's needed for kindergarten. Was wondering if I might be able to use the available apps to make up a large part of the kindergarten curriculum. Has anybody done anything similar?

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Life covers kindergarten in my experience. A little bit of LeapPad to supplement life- and interest-led learning probably wouldn't hurt if your child enjoys it. But I think the majority of a child's learning at that stage should fall in the social, hands-on and creative realms. Just as relying too heavily on workbooks can make a child's education narrow and limited, so can relying too heavily on digital resources.

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I agree with Miranda completely, but I will add that my 6 year old son does have the leap pad and I have been so pleasantly surprised at the quality of their games.  We bought him the pet one (can't remember the name off-hand) but it's basically a game where you take care of a pet - feeding, grooming, playing, etc.  But it ingeniously incorporates Kindergarten learning objectives within, and in a FUN way-  Even my preschooler is loving this and learning things I wouldn't have introduced myself at this stage. 


I can't speak to the apps, having not downloaded any of them... But the games I have seen so far could be a fun supplement to your child's education I think.  

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My daughter has one too, and we could easily use it to cover the "core" subjects in a rudimentary way. If you are concerned about touching all the bases, but aren't wanting to implement a curriculum, it's a nice tool to have. Starfall, PBS Kids, and the PoissonRouge websites served a similar purpose when my ds was younger.

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Sorry my internet time is spotty here lately....Thanks for all your responses. I'm going to check out the websites mentioned. I definitely want to meet all the standard criteria for our state so that if/when he will be ready to transfer into the public school.

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My 5 year old has a leap pad and has great fun with it for hours on end till I silently cringe. But then on his own he doesn't pick it up for weeks on end. It wouldn't work as curriculum at our house but it has gotten him into a few subjects, math especially that we get hands on tools out for and go from there.
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Thanks for all your responses. Sorry I didn't get back here sooner. We get wifi from the landlord and it goes out for several days at a time...I'm going to check out the websites mentioned. While I would love to be the main source of his kindergarten learning, I'm just not sure If I can. He has a 1 year old high needs (normal toddler :)) sister that is very hands on. Also he is dreading the idea of "school" but loves technology so I would like to use that to my advantage. He's pretty good about playing for a while and then moving on to other more physical activities.
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You don't need to do school to do kindergarten. When my eldest was that age I had a 3yo and a 1yo. Life covers it, and life with toddlers is just life writ large! Not necessarily neat or pretty, but large!

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