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Abraxas, I hear you about nerves after a MC. I had one last time around at about 11 weeks- well, we found out via US at 11 weeks that we would be miscarrying and it took a week or two to happen. I hit the 12 wk mark on Monday, and heard the hb on Tuesday, and now finally am accepting that this pregnancy is the real deal. It's still sinking in, and I'm still hesitant to get attached, but passing that milestone was big. You have a little less than two weeks to go- then maybe you can breathe a sigh of relief! I hope you can relax and not worry too much.

I'm doing pretty well in general, MS is letting up but my hunger is out of control! I'm still nursing my 21 mo old, and between him, the baby, and me, I'm ravenous. I'm afraid some of it is sticking to places I don't want it to, and I really don't want to gain extra weight this time around. It was so much harder to lose the weight after DS in my mid thirties than it was in my early twenties when I had my daughters! And I haven't lost it all yet, so I don't need any more.
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Welcome greentomato and Abraxas:) So nice to see other first time (older) moms here:D thumbsup.gif

And, sorry for your loss Abraxas - I too suffered a loss las year (in Aug.), so I know how you feel. hug.gif


amanda bee  - sorry you have to wait for the results, that must be so frustrating! irked.gif My m/s seems to be under control as well and I too still have some food aversions that I'd hoped would go away in the 2nd trimester, maybe they will but haven't yet... I like your goals.smile.gif 

I started doing some basic prenatal yoga the last couple of weeks, alternating with taking some walks outside to get some 'fresh' air. I haven't been back in the gym since January (yikes), kind of afraid of getting sick as DH picked something up last month and fortunately I didn't get it but have been hesitant to expose myself. You'd think people wouldn't go to the gym and workout if they are sick, but actually the last time I went, I encountered 3 different people coughing like crazy while doing cardio and it kind of turned me off going.

I have days where I think I feel great, totally normal, etc... and set big goals for myself and then get really tired after only accomplishing a couple of things and realize I'm not normal and have to take a break, rest for a while. So frustrating to not be able to do what needs doing...


serena76 - sorry to hear you're feeling old, I hear ya for sure! flowersforyou.gif I blame that for my lack of energy/endurance and wish I was younger... although deep down, I know it's just an excuse, there are tons of women my age and much older that are in way better shape/condition than I am... 

I've got to kick it into gear, find the strength from somewhere and try to overcome this somehow... I really want to have a home birth and my midwife said that the majority of women (in her experience) who end up transferring to the hospital go because they are just plain tired and can't do it anymore. I don't want to have that happen, so I really need to get in better shape before it's time:) 


Jennyanydots - it sounds like you encountered the same thing I did last time... missed miscarriage...? I found out in my 8th week that growth had stopped 7.3 weeks and I had no symptoms at all which made me really nervous this pregnancy because last time my body clearly did not recognize what was going on:( It made me question myself and I've had to learn to trust my body again, it's been hard, but get's better every day... Glad you hit that milestone, I know they're a big deal.blowkiss.gif

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I'm 43 and PG with #3 huge suprise.  DS#1 is 9 DS#2 is 5 they will be 10 and 6 when lil girl is born.

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