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Who.is still waiting?

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I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow (Tuesday). This baby is getting BIG- my belly is so tight it hurts, & it hurts when baby moves. Hopefully soon.
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41 weeks today. My longest pregnancy ever, and I'll admit I'm starting to get a bit teary over it. I risk out of the standalone birth center at 42 weeks, so I'm really hoping he decides to make his debut very soon...

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Still here.  Hang in there, mamas.  It'll be our turn soon!

Only 40+1, but I think I might be getting started...maybe.  Mild contractions every seven minutes or so all last night, turned to consistently five minutes all day today.  I'm feeling bad about keeping my family and midwife on standby, but I think this is it...I'm having occasional little gushes of fluid, too.  Not sure what it is, still haven't lost my mucous plug, but we'll see.  My other labors started with SROM so having these contractions is somewhat confusing...I don't know what to think.  I don't want to call people too soon, but don't want to be too late either. 

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Still here and only half way through 37 weeks.  Feeling like it is coming, hoping anyway.  I can't move once in bed without pain.  But I have to get up and pee every three minutes.  Not compatible...

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And the midwife estimated 7-8lbs today.  I am now officially scared.  My son was 6.2 and I almost didn't get him out...

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Hang tight!! Positive labor/baby vibes for all of you
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Thinking if all of you. Waiting is hard. Sending good thoughts to you!
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38+2 now.  And that's only if you look at the OB's dates - I think i'm more like 40.  Shocked.  In a not good way.  I had 37+1, then 36.  OB even asked if the kids had the same father because it was unusual for a third child to go this much later.  I have zero signs of labor now.  I had contractions the entire pregnancy but they've stopped weeks ago. Cervix is not effaced, not dilated.  I might be looking at an induction due to tachycardia tomorrow though, with an unfavorable cervix to boot.  Sigh.

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41 + 3 today....hoping this baby decides to come SOOOOOON, like tonight. Like now....like yesterday smile.gif. Tired of being pregnant, and tired of him flipping to and from breech every other day. Seriously this kid is a monkey baby!
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Clarasmama- can you find an acupuncturist near by?  Might help!

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I don't know of an acupuncturist, but I do know of a accupressure/cranial sacral therapist that I went to with my DD's pregnancy.  I'm sure there is an acupuncturist somewhere close by, but on Spinning Babies she does recommend both accupressure and cranial sacral therapy to help turn a breech baby.  He was just posterior for most of the 30 weeks, so I wasn't too concerned about anything other than he coming around to anterior, but the breech flipping (literally to and from every other day sometimes) started after 38 weeks. Why he still has so much room I have no idea :/

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I'm 40+1 now, my other 2 boys went to 41w so I haven't been expecting much just yet. Strange that even my BH have stopped for the most part though. Although last night I think I had some tightening through the night that kept me from sleeping soundly. This weekend could be it, last weekend had some encouraging signs when I and the family deep cleaned the house and took a walk and went shopping. DH keeps asking me when it's going to happen, and saying stuff like he doesn't want to go back to work tomorrow so have the baby tonight. I really don't want to go back to church Sunday, people I barely know are getting impatient for this baby to come. I'm getting awfully irritable, sorta threw a fit when DS1 wouldn't listen to his math lesson today. Also I'm making the kids help much more with fetching things, clearing dishes, etc, as I'm refusing to get of the couch once I've settled in.


I have had time to get more things done though, have been sewing some cloth pads, knitting baby clothes, that sort of thing.

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Our sweet boy finally arrived just after midnight this morning, at 41+3, so this is me redirecting all labor vibes to you mamas still waiting! Hang in there!

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Our sweet boy finally arrived just after midnight this morning, at 41+3, so this is me redirecting all labor vibes to you mamas still waiting! Hang in there!


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still waiting. I am due 01/30. My bp went up at the beginning of this week but it went back down. Now i am scheduled to have nsts twice a week and afi (fluid level check) once a week until the 1st. The high bp is not unusual for me. I was induced with two of the three due to high bp. 

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Frustrated. Intermittent periods of hours of good contractions that feel strong, but don't reaaly hurt that just stop for a few hours, then start again. If I could just dismiss it as prodromal labor, that would be 1 thing, but that is what early labor looks like for me. With my last 3 babies, I had over a day of contractions like that, then active labors of 10 min (kid #2), 20 min (kid #3), & 3 contractions- about 5 min (kid #4). If I hadn't had a regular Dr appt. the day #4 was born, I wouldn't have made it to the hospital. I went for my 38 wk appt & was 8cm when I was checked. The Dr panicked, & sent me to the hospital, but it was another 8 hours before those 3 contractions of active labor began.

Problem is- this time I'm an hour away from the hospital & I have a history of postpartum hemorrhage that has been worse with each baby, which is why #4 was a planned hospital birth. I'm scared of having another short active phase & starting to bleed out at home, but we literally can't afford to keep running off to the hospital an hour away every time I have a couple of days of contractions. *sigh*
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Wow, in your shoes I'd get prepared for a UC including having PPH herbs (shepherd's purse tincture rush delivered?) just in case of another sudden 5 minute labor. And I'd probably be checking my own cervix, maybe head in when it looked like there had been enough progress from that off and on stuff.

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I've got tons of red raspberry here, but nothing else, will have to look into other remedies. Can't check my cervix, though, it always stays posterior until right before baby is out. :/
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Well I had 4 hours of mild but definite contractions last night, then fell asleep when they quit about 3am. Lost a little MP this morning. Maybe some walking and such will kick things in for real today.

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Me, too. I started bloody show in the evening. My contractions have settled down, which for me could,mean active labor is right around the corner, I typically have about an 8 hour rest of no contractions before active labor slams me. Still having show, but it has changed from pink tinged to red even though I'm having virtually no contractions right this second. Because of my history, we're going to make the drive for me to get checked one way or another in a couple of hours.
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