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Taking any medication in the first trimester

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I've been dealing with sinusitis for 2 weeks now. greensad.gif I have tried every natural remedy there is...but at the advice of a doctor took one benedryl one night (when the pressure became unbearable) a few nights ago and then today when I couldn't even move without my head erupting in pain broke down and took one tylonol. I know these meds are said to be safe for pregnancy but I do feel worried because it's the delicate first trimester...does anyone have any experiences with taking small doses of meds in the first tri and having everything turn out ok?
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I have read more than a few studies about the use of acetaminophen in the first trimester specifically as a fever reducer. Fever in the first trimester has been shown to increase your risk of all sorts of birth defects and increase your risk of miscarriage due to the baby being unable to build itself properly. In theses cases acetaminophen use is recommended verses letting the fever run its course. They have not been able to show any relationship between acetaminophen use alone and birth defects, in other words they think it is a very safe drug that has had numerous studies run about it.
I lost a baby at 6 weeks due to fever I am sure of it. I did not know about how fever effected pregnancy so I let it ride and when the fever broke a few days later I just knew I was not pregnant any more. This time around I had the chills come on and I was only 5 weeks, my temp was creeping higher. I took small doses of acetaminophen until it began to go down. Fever is a really scary thing in the first tri. Just do some google searches and you can easily read the articles.
I know your not dealing with fever but I thought the amount if research done on acetaminophen you might find comforting.
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I developed POTS in my first pregnancy and pre-eclampsia and neither was ever treated. I had a hard pregnancy. I finally got treated for POTS this fall and was so worried about being pregnant with POTS and not being able to take any meds. I stopped my beta blocker for one day and felt like I was gonna die. I also started spotting and cramping. The OB told me today I can take my beta blocker! YAY! And also I take 50-75 mg of benadryl for sleep since I get adrenaline surges at night. Benadryl is fine.

Being high risk and knowing it this time around makes me realize women take ALL kinds of meds during all stages of pregnancy, including Cat C & D, and the babies are fine. Esp women with hyperemesis and have to take heavy meds to control vomitting in the first tri. But I was so paranoid with my first. It's a risk/benefit equation. benadryl and tylenol are fine.

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I have to take a category C drug to keep my babe around due to Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I also take Albuterol for Asthma- Again Category C, but if I can't breathe neither can baby.  I am also on progesterone and estrogen support. I am on Lovenox, baby aspirin, and a special b-complex with L. Methylfolate for my MTHFR. I take Benadryl and/or use 1% hydrocortisone for skin reactions to my Estrogen patches. All of these are considered safe and/or the benefits outweigh the risks. I see no reason Tylenol would be a problem and I take it occasionally.

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