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Greetings Everyone, and Happy New Year!


The most recent release of our platform (which rolled out last week) was mostly a maintenance release but there are a few features that were updated and improved or fixed that I thought you'd like to know about.



Mobile Updates

The New Posts page is the heart of use for many mobile users. You probably go back and forth between New Posts and individual threads.  You'll now find permanent navigation to the New Posts page inside the mobile sidebar. Look for the radio tower icon next to "Forums." Tapping this will take you to the sitewide New Posts page. Tapping anywhere else in the "Forums" bar will take you to the forum index. 





You may also notice Amazon affiliate links inside mobile threads now. Online purchase referral helps support Mothering through community purchases. So now, if you see Buy Now links on a Desktop thread, they should now appear on Mobile too. Please use these links to purchase if you are so inclined. smile.gif


We've also switched to the full jQuery Javascript library on Mobile, from a reduced subset we had been using. The full library includes better cross-browser compatibility code, especially for IE (which remains a development nightmare). This should mean improved compatibility for IE and Windows Phone users, but be advised that it does come at the cost of a slightly larger Javascript load for everyone.


Some page types are not yet supported on Mobile (reviews, for example). If you happen to follow a link to one of these pages while on a mobile device, you'll see the Desktop version of the site with an alert: "There is no Mobile version of this page yet." We doubled the size of this alert so that it could be more easily seen on small screens. Note that it may appear cartoonishly large if, for some reason, you see it in a desktop browser, but that is not a bug :)


A minor UI update: the flag, delete, edit, and thumb-up buttons underneath Mobile posts now display an integrated "spinner" graphic while they're working to let you know that your tap was received and your request is in progress. 



We found that even when searching for an exact product or article title that it was pretty difficult to find the product/article on the first page of results. We've made some relevance changes which will help articles and products make it to page 1 when you are are searching for them. We've also improved the ranking order of the dedicated "products" tab of search results. Hopefully searching is a bit improved with these changes and we plan to continue to work on improving search results. 


Enjoy! love.gif