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Had a great OB appt!

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During both of my previous pregnancies, I was seen by the same OB team who were (on the most part..) fairly open to natural childbirth and I delivered both babies at a very baby friendly hospital that was super accomidating to breast feeding and bonding.


I recently moved out of province and am (oviously lol) recieving care from a new OB team and will be delivering at a new, unfamiliar hospital. I haven't met too many people out here yet and don't know anyone with any experience prenatally with any health care providers to ask opinions, etc so I've been a little concerned about the unknowns..I know its still very early in my pregnancy and no where near labout yet but at my 16 week appt yesterday I asked the doctor about some hospital policies I might be concerned about if they were applied here and also about this OB teams approach to labour and delivery and was very happily surprised. It seems like a very naturally minded practice and like I will be delivering in an accomidating hospital. Unless medically necessary to change plans, it seems like they are very open and actually encouraging to push in any labour position I want to, no bed laying, I can squat, be on all fours, lean on the side of the bed, etc.

 It is routine to delay cord clamping here until the cord stops pulsating (unless medically necessary to clamp early of course) so I don't even have to write that out in a birth plan. The baby is automatically placed on mommas bare chest for skin to skin immediately after birth in most cases so the baby checks are delayed if everything looks fine.   She did ask if I would be comfortable with a shot of pitocin in the hip after babys shoulder was born and I am OK with that.  Basically  everything else I was wondering about. the doctors are comfortable with if everything is going good. It eased some stress on my mind knowing a little more about what to expect with them. smile.gif

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good to hear. Sounds very reassuring.  What province are you in?  Just curious - I'm in Alberta.

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Hi! I'm in Alberta too :)

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Yey! Good for you. :)

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Yay!  What a relief, eh? 

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It really is!  nod.gif

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