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Eat to Live - Dr. Fuhrman - whose already using ETL and who wants to join?

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I just began this week (Monday) to do the Eat to Live six week plan. I decided I was going to start this week so last week I cut out dairy and meat and some desserts to prep. This week it's the real deal. Monday I was 151 lb. I weighed myself this morning Wednesday and I have lost 2 pounds! So now I am even more motivated to keep going. I am a 44 yr old mom of three. My youngest is 6 and I haven't got back to my pre-pregnancy health and fitness level, so I have cleared my schedule to just focus on eating well and gradually adding exercise. After each birth I didn't try and get into shape for at least two years after. I was actually the most unfit and overweight ever after my second baby. When she was around two I finally focused on myself and used the guidelines of ETL plus weight training (I couldn't find the time for any cardio). I went from a big size 8 (tummy hanging over waist line etc.) to a 4 and I was still losing up to when I became pregnant with number 3. This time around I am wondering how successful I'll be as I am no longer in my 30s and my metabolism is definitely slowing down. I'd love to hear your ETL stories. I plan to make eating for maximum nutrition a permanent choice. I always seem to find it hard to add in exercise for a while, but Dr. Fuhrman addresses that and says it is normal. I will just start with walks in my neighborhood here in Germany which is in a wine region, we also back up to a beautiful forest. Slow and steady is my goal.
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Guys I am so excited! I just weighed myself this morning and I lost 5 pounds this week! I am now 146 and was 151. I am going to keep going and see where I end up. So now on week # 2. I am not hungry, eating lots of food and not counting calories (which I never do, too tedious, I don't have the patience). I have done some mild exercise, walked about 3x this week with friends or the kids.

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I initially did ETL about 6 years ago when my youngest stopped breastfeeding. I did the six-week plan, and stuck to it hardcore for that time. I think I lost about 30lbs, and had no problem keeping most of it off for the next 5 years. I stuck with the vegan aspect of the plan during those 5 years. Last year I started full-time grad school. It was stressful and I didn't have much time to cook healthy vegan meals. Some of the weight (20lbs.) crept back on over the last year. I had began eating dairy rather frequently.  So, I decided it's time to EtL again! I'm down 10lbs. since January 2nd. It's so easy for me to eat this way. I don't know why I ever stopped. I'm not as strict with the plan as I was the first time around. For example, we go out to eat once a week, and I don't stick with the plan for that meal. However, I do order something relatively healthy. I'm trying to adopt eating habits that will encourage me to permanently change the way I eat. I definitely feel much better when eating EtL-style. Much more energy, feel like I look better, happier, etc. Good luck! You can find some good recipes online if you get tired of the ones in the book. This is especially the case when you are past the six-week mark.

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I know this is a couple of months old, but how are you doing on ETL? I followed the plan once and lost 15 lbs. Recently, I have gotten more regular about exercise (taking two 30-minute fitness classes per week, thinking of adding a 60-minute class sometimes). Maybe going back to ETL to some degree - during the week or just aim for most meals - might help me lose some weight that exercise alone isn't shedding. I have about 20 lbs. that need to go. It's more according to what is in the ETL book, but I think his goal weight would be unrealistic for me.


I really don't care for many of Fuhrman's recipes, especially the ones with fruit added to savory dishes (just happens to be a dislike of mine) - what do you eat? Does anyone have good links to other recipes, esp. salad dressing? I should go poke around Fat Free Vegan again.

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There's great recipes on Pinterest!

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Thanks for the tip about Pinterest!  I hadn't thought to look there.


Hello everyone.  I just finished reading E2L.  It was a great read.  I loved how well documented his claims are and it seems that his program is based on some good, solid science.  I find it refreshing.  


I am planning to start the 6 week program very soon with my two children.  My husband has spent the last two years battling several medical problems. He needs this diet (or one very much like it) to help nourish himself back to health but I'm not sure I can convince him.  


I'd love to be able to chat with other moms that are on the same path.  It's always helpful to have a support system in place. 

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I am getting geared up to try this again.  I will start April 15th (I started doing taxes this year, I don't think I can truly commit before the 'season' is over).  I don't have a very on-board family; they support me, but don't want to go without meat/dairy.  I can do it though!  I also don't like Dr. F's recipes, but in addition to pinterest, there is a yahoo group for E2L and the lady who does the fatfreevegan website has recipes tagged for eat to live.  Her recipes are pretty good and usually simple.  I have about 30-40 pounds to shed as well as some health issues I hope to improve.  



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Can you eat eggs?

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The fatfreevegan sites are very good - both the blog and the recipe site.

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Originally Posted by Jaxy View Post


Can you eat eggs?

You mean on ETL? Here's the basic idea of the diet:



I don't think eggs are included in the 6-week plan, but I never followed this to the letter. I tried to have two meals a day be ETL (easiest to do breakfast and lunch, since I work @ home), then ate a "regular", fairly healthy dinner with the family.

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