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Carseats and vehicles

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Well, this will be carseat #3 for us and we're looking at getting a new (to us) vehicle as my little truck won't accommodate 3 carseats (well, 2 carseats and a booster).  I know it's way in advance, but we're starting to think about what kind of vehicle to get.  Hubby is thinking Jeep Commander as it has 3rd row seating.  Minivan is not an option as we live in a rural area and need extra clearance to get through the snow in the winter.  Anyone had a Commander? Was it good for several kids?  Any other ideas?


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We are in the same boat! Baby #3, living in rural Alberta and looking at a new vehicle and possibly car seats!


We have a Ford F350 extended cab long box, which back seat is quite wide and can easily fit 3 big car seats across (have done it before) but I don't want to use the truck on a day to day basis. We had a Hyndai Elantra but we sold it last month just before we moved and there was definately no room for a third carseat between my 4.5yr old and almost 3yr olds carseats anyways.

Hubby and I have been sharing the truck since we moved which has been an adjustment lol but I need something more practical for commuting to the city, etc with the kids.

As for carseats, we are considering the radian RXT as it so narrow, you can fit 3 across most midsizes but I need to do more research on these car seats and possibly consider something else for the 4yr old as he is very tall for his age.

We currently have Britax carseats that are great, kids love but they are so bulky and take up so much room, I think we would be almost forced into a minivan if we don't get new carseats.


I would love to hear everyone elses thoughts too :)

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GMC Yukon comes to mind. Never had one. Some big SUV I guess.


I have an older Toyota Sienna and really like it. I used it in MT. It's going to start to be a tight squeeze now that I have to fit another kid in there. It'll fit them all, but will leave far less room for grocery shopping. Will have to get more creative and organized in there. Don't have money for a larger vehicle, though it would be nice. Anyway, the larger they are, the more gas that will be needed for it typically, so, I think we'll just make do for however long the Sienna gives us.

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I just looked up the commander and it looks nice. Reviews sound good as well. 

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We have a Toyota Land Cruiser. We're outgrowing it, by adding kiddo number 6,but it would be great if we only had three. Seats are modular and seat 8. Plus has full time four wheel drive. I'll be sad to see it go for something bigger. The third row seat is easy enough for smaller kids, but not for our teenagers.
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Hubby is a Jeep guy which is probably why he's leaning towards the Commander.  I will have to look into the Land cruiser, I know people who have loved theirs.  I'm having a really hard time with the idea of parting with my truck - it's kinda the perfect size for driving around and I guess it's the first nice vehicle I've had.  We are looking at buying something cheaper as well to help with finances and because I won't be commuting anymore (yay).  But I still want somehting nice, you know?

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