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We've got 'the funk'

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The sickness that is all over so fla is finally at my house! My husband left last week for a business trip for a week. He started feeling sick before he left and got a full blown flu while there. Then my DD got a cold after he left. I kept boosting our immune system for when e returned. Never the less, I'm super sick greensad.gif and its completely miserable!!! I've just been keeping my immune system up ad trying to ride this out, but with a toddler, my god it's hard!!! Just wanted to vent. Glad I haven't gone into labor like this, that was a huge fear! Anyway just felt like I needed to vent. No more than 4 weeks left!!! Eeeek!
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Sorry.  Hope you are feeling better soon.

Rest up as much as you can.

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so sorry you are sick! I'm trying SO hard to avoid that!! I've been super careful when we're out and staying home as much as possible (also hard with 3 kids they are going completely crazy!)  Its starting to get so close to my due date (3.5weeks) that i'm worried if id on't get sick RIGHT NOW i'll be sick for labor - but i realize that isn't logical either..  feel better soon!

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Thanks!! I'm just worried about my body not being 100% bc of this. It's really taken a lot out of me. I can't believe our 'due date' is so close. It really doesn't feel like I'm at the end.
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Hopefully you'll get over it quickly and be in tip top shape for labor! This is such a bad flu season this year. I'm also worried. We were sick with 3 (4?) viruses in Nov/Dec so I'm hoping that we got all of them already!

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I'm a little worried about this... Our household has not had a single virus this whole pregnancy. It freaks me out a bit, thinking we're due for some kind of illness and I don't want it to be with a newborn!!!
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