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I've got some proper love handles now that I'm sure didn't exist before pregnancy!

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Originally Posted by coati456 View Post

I'm a weirdo. I'm 16 weeks, and I've only gained 1 lb. The funny thing is my waist is growing regardless. I can't button my pants anymore. I got a couple belly bands to deal with that. I'm really envious of those of you who are gaining weight. I've always been small (5'2" and 101 lbs.), and gaining weight is really difficult for me. It's made morning sickness scarier because I can't afford to lose weight.


You're not a weirdo. I'm 16 weeks today and I have gained nothing. I started out at 110 lbs, I'm still at this weight (with clothes on!) I'm also growing with my biggest pre-pregnancy jeans (size 0) finally starting to be uncomfy to the point that even unbuttoning them doesn't work anymore. I'm 5'5 and between 108-110 lbs. From high school up till now (I'm 28) I have had the roughest time trying to gain weight. I eat 4-5 times a day and I do not skimp out on anything. It took me nearly 10 years to gain 15 lbs. I have been very fortunate to not have any morning sickness so I'm just sitting here happy.


I do have to say, I'm a pretty healthy active person. I take yoga 3x a week (prenatal yoga now) and I walk about 30 mins a day on my non-active days so that helps keep me trim and fit. orngtongue.gif

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I haven't gained yet either, but on the opposite end of the spectrum from you petite ladies. I'm 5'6" and 178. I actually lost weight after getting pregnant so have been maintaining there. I eat well and stay active but don't do tons of cardio now. I'm showing a little and had to switch to maternity pants because regular pants were just not fitting comfortably. I'm 16 weeks now.

I'm a little concerned about not gaining because I want to make sure baby is well-nourished, but I'm not too worried about it at this point. If I go another month or so without gaining, I might try to increase calories a bit.
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I've gained just about 10 pounds now at 19 weeks. I wouldn't be too concerned about that except I gained half of that over the last month... I should probably start watching what I eat a little better
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EDD Sept 7

19 weeks =)

I have gained 16.2 lbs. as of April 2nd. I was actuallt quite a bit underweight to begin with.(Only 107 lbs and I am 5'7") so the midwife is not worried about all the weight gain. Once I found out I was pregnant I quit my super active job at a factory and was super nausous all the time. Only way to cure it was by eating all the time! I think bc now I sleep and rest all the time and eat it has attributed to the large weight gain! I have never weighed more than 120 lbs. so with me at 123 it is really strange to not have a flat very tight belly. lol =) I dont know how it is going to stretch anymore, I feel ready to pop already. The midwife did say I am a little bigger than normal. I also felt the baby move and kick at 15 weeks. Is this normal? Midwife was quite suprized! I feel the baby all the time! esp. at night...it is a very active little one =) I'm kind of wondering if there are 2......

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16 weeks today :)


i'm finally showing a little, but i'm still mostly in my regular clothes and sometimes you still can't see it depending on what i wear. i've gained 3lbs so far according to my home scale. will be weighed at the OB again on Monday.

my midwife said it was fine not to gain at all during the first trimester, now i'm in the second and i'm gonna ask her what she thinks. this is not so much about the weight, but more about me being nauseous all the time, so i can hardly eat anything and often end up eating something less than ideal.. such as fruit when i should be packing up the protein (esp. since i'm a vegetarian!). i've actually felt very tired all throughout last week and am kind of thinking i might not be getting enough protein. but protein seems to make me nauseous more easily. :( 

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You low and normal weight gainers are lucky lucky girls!  Count me in the upper echelon of weight gain at 12 pounds and 18+4 today.  I gained around 40-50 pounds with the girls and lost it all by 2 years postpartum, so I'm never totally worried about being a high gainer other than disliking my own reflection at times.

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19w1d and i've gained 19 lbs. I feel OK about my weight now. According to the nutrition guide i'm following for this twin pregnancy (dr barbara luke's book, in case someone reads this later and wonders), I should gain a minimum of 20# by week 20. Now it finally seems possible. I didn't gain very much early in the second trimester and it was a little stressful. I would like to thank pie, wedges of brie, and my wife's wonderful, high-protein macaroni and cheese recipe for helping me achieve this success. 



i talked to my mom about pregnancy weight gain the other night and she told me she gained 60 lbs with each of her pregnancies but found it was easy to lose in the year post-partum. she and i have really different bodies so I don't think it says much about my experience, but still interesting.


aiden -- i am committed to outpacing your weight gain and making you feel like a normal-range gainer coolshine.gif

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I'm up 4lbs at 16w.  In my previous pregnancies, I have been up 16lbs at 16w, but hyperemesis is making it hard to eat. 


I gained 44lbs my first pregnancy, and he was 7lb 15oz; 46lbs the 2nd pregnancy and he was 8lb 20z; and 39lbs the third pregnancy - she was 9lb1oz. 


I always start out just a little under 100lbs...

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Jaimielynne: I'm 20 weeks now but I started feeling my little one a ton very early. My fiancé could even feel the babe since about a month ago. I was wondering about twins as well. smile.gif turned out to be one super active babe. Enjoy all the kicks and squirms they really do add so much reassurance to you day.smile.gif
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Does anyone find they weigh waaaay more on the doctor scales? In sticking to my own!! Those scales are pure evil.
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I'm also not worrying about weight gain. I'm eating healthy, and not over eating, so what I'm gaining is natural for me. I find I do soften up during pregnancy. My shoulders seem to round, my collar bones get lost, my upper arms and face full out, but I've always returned to myself, well relatively myself. Enough of myself that I am comfortable with how I look. The belly never snapped back to it's original self. I don't mind though. You get used to needing to tuck it into your jeans before you sit down! Hahahaha.
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Originally Posted by aoifesmiles View Post

Does anyone find they weigh waaaay more on the doctor scales? In sticking to my own!! Those scales are pure evil.

thumb.gif  so true.


15 pounds at 16 weeks. sheesh. 

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18.5 today. In the morning, it's 10lbs. By bedtime, it's 13.
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Originally Posted by aoifesmiles View Post
Does anyone find they weigh waaaay more on the doctor scales? In sticking to my own!! Those scales are pure evil.

YES this! Those scales are definitely not friendly:( angry.gif I've been weighing myself on my home scale every few days since just after my BFP and as of last Tuesday (17 weeks) it showed that I'd gained about 5-6 pounds. Then, at my midwife appt. on Thursday, their scale showed that I'd gained 11 pounds since my first weigh-in around 6 weeks! UGH!! Not cool...irked.gif

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I've gained between 15-20lbs, I don't know exactly what my weight was at the start. But I put most of that on in the first trimester, my weights not changed in over a month but my belts getting bigger. I'm nearly 19 weeks.
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I'm 17w today and initially lost 10lbs during my first trimester when I was super sick and not able to eat enough/keep enough down.  That was a really hard time and I lost my milk supply quite suddenly because of it so it wasn't a happy weight loss.


Since then I've come back up 6 lbs (yay!).  I've been trying to focus on healthy fats and foods in general.  Just want a nice big healthy babe!

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As of my appointment last week I've gained 15 lbs at 17 weeks. I was kind of worried at first because I only gained 21 total with my last pregnancy but I started about 10 lbs less this time than last time.  I am normally fairly thin so I think my body just felt like it needed to fill out a bit at first.  My weight gain has been less in the last month or so.  Hopefully there won't be any more huge gains like in my first trimester.  I also remember not gaining much at the end last time as I was hot and tired and only wanted to eat watermelon.  Didn't seem to hurt my 8 1/2 lb son!  He was literally sucking out my nutrients since my face and arms actually thinned out a bit in the last month. But that belly, oh boy, it was sooo big.  Not looking forward to that while wrangling a toddler this time : )

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Just went to my prenatal appointment today. I gained 5 lbs at 17 weeks, 5 days. All my blood work and ultrasounds came back normal. The baby is now 7 oz so he's (yes, a boy!) is half way to 1 lb. orngbiggrin.gif
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I just weighed today, too, and I have gained 4 lbs so far, at 17 weeks. Of course, I started out 10-15 lbs higher than normal, so there's that... smile.gif
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