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fish oil, flax seed oil, gag gag

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Anyone else wanting to take a supplement for DHA but finding their body says "no thank you?" I have had wild cravings for smoked salmon and sushi.... but my midwives had suggested I stay away from fish because of heavy metals (which with my bicornuate uterus I guess is a higher risk? IDK, it is had to find good information on a bicornuate uterus)....


Any time I try to take fish oil  or flax seed oil (pills or liquid) my body starts heaving.... it isn't a pretty sight.


Any other thoughts on how to introduce supplements for DHA that might not make me gag, it is running me a pretty penny now having wasted over $80 in supplements......

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I say go for the milled flax seeds themselves!  We use flax in our house like a seasoning and sprinkle it on/in most things we eat.  I add it to my morning yogurt.  I add it to my morning scrambled eggs.  Whenever we make bread we add it in with the dry ingredients.  Whenever we make cookies or brownies we add it in with the dry ingredients.  Whenever we make stirfry, we just sprinkle it on.


Flax is bitter on its own and in quantities on the order of tablespoons.  But when you mix it in with other ingredients you never even know its there.


A bag of milled flax seed will run you $8-$10 and a little bit goes a long way.  I imagine it has to be more cost effective than flax seed oil or gel cap supplements.

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It's possible that the supplements have something in them that your body is not fond of, or that there is something else in the fish that your body wants.  I'm not a fan of forcing yourself to take something - I would listen to your body.  Maybe you should indulge in *some* fish and your body will get what it needs with a serving or two and then you can avoid it again?


If you try the flaxseed and it's something that you aren't used to, my advice is to move start with a little and work your way up.  My system can't really handle flax. 


I take fermented cod liver oil to help with vitamins A, D, and omegas, but I don't take it every day.  When my body wants/needs it, it tastes pretty good, but when I've had enough it tastes awful, so I lay off it for a bit. 

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I put flax seed oil in my juice / smoothies and find it gives it a silky texture. Maybe that would work for you?

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I was going to suggest ground flax too.  We grind flax and add it to our bread (I grind wheat and make our bread too...It's easier than it sounds...and delicious!)

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Love Barlean's Omega Swirl   Mango peach flavor. It is delish. I get it from vitacost.

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Flax provides ALA, which some people convert well to EPA but many or most do not. So it's not the same as DHA or EPA. I take:
http://www.drfuhrman.com/shop/supplements.aspx#DHA for DHA (palatable drops--algae, not fish based)

1200mg New Harvest vegan (algae-based) EPA. But New Harvest is no longer being manufactured! Aaaaa! It is great and has no aftertaste or digestive side-effects for me.


1 Tbs ground flax seed

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I've just started VegOmega3 by A. Vogel.  Made in Switzerland, available in Canada -unsure about the US.


Each tab (from flax and algae) is 200mg ALA and 75 mg DHA.


Peppermint aftertaste (ok by me) and bonus for veggie and Gluten free.

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