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Carter Michael - 1.10.13

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Arrived via Unassisted Home Waterbirth
January 10, 2013 at 11:59pm

8lbs 7oz - 21" Long

14¼" head



Basically went to get kids from school and could barely move without pain. Got home and needed DH to wake up so he could help me back into the house.


Had some painful contractions here and there but not real labor, DH kept saying I was in labor but in denial about it. Perhaps, but not "real" labor. 


I was kind of annoyed at the WHOLE situation. Kid's concert in a couple hours, still hadn't grocery shopped and there was no way I could do it because of the painful walking & few contractions I was having, plus some appointments I had for the next day and coming up. 


So I stayed home from the concert, disappointed I couldn't hear my babies sing for the first time, but I rested and napped and pain went away and contractions stopped too.


Couple hours later, my water broke apx 9:15ish. I guess it really WAS time, and my plans were all thrown out the window! We ran around setting up the pool DH calling out of work, and then we waited, and waited and waited for contractions to come. 


Wasn't until about 10:30ish - 11ish that a few PAINFUL ctx started happening. We had been watching our DVR'd Big Bang Theory to pass the time as we waited. Had a couple ctx before the end of it, but pretty much once it was over things picked up.


I thought for sure with the time we wouldn't have a 1.10.13 baby. I thought for sure he'd be born around 1am-ish or something, LOL Surely after midnight.


My contractions were all in my lower back. The counter pressure from DH was awesome! I labored mostly on all fours while he applied counter pressure


Around 11:45 I asked what time it was and when DH said the time, I truly didn't think we'd have him before midnight. Although, when I said that DH said "Stranger things have happened." I just didn't believe him! Then things got intense, painful, and pretty much every contraction I had I felt like pushing and did.


Towards the end I turned around as it felt more comfortable to push that way. Those short 15 minutes felt like a couple hours to me. Once out we found his cord to be gently wrapped around his neck and shoulders, kind of like one of those "memory ribbons", but it was a short cord and he was covered in a think vernix which surprised us, so trying to pull the cord over his head proved to be slightly difficult, LOL but we got it unlooped and I took him, we threw a warm towel on him and ooh'd and ahh'd.


I soon asked for the time, which was 12:00a. Rachel had checked the time, and shockingly said "Oh my god! It JUST turned 12:00a!" as she shockingly laughed and held up the tablet. And since we took a little time once he was born to untangle, towel and gaze, we decided he was born around 11:59, maybe a little sooner, but we split the difference.


He was gurgly for a bit, but he was too calm to really "cry". After about 30 minutes we started to "wrap things up". We waited for the cord to stop pulsating, finally cut him free and handed him off to Rachel, so I could birth the placenta. During the "move" he finally cried heartily enough to clear out the gurgles. 


We finally got around to weighing him on my new digital scale and I was right when I guestimated him being between 8 to 9lbs. He was 8lbs 7oz! Although it was humorous that when I went to take him out of the scale sling I found him looking like he was sweating! That's when DH realized "No honey, he peed on himself!" LMAO!!


So we cleaned him up a tad, re-tied his cord with the cord tie Rachel made for him with her new knitting kit, diapered and clothed him, so daddy could wash his hair out. I love the vernix and all, but just not in the hair making it a sticky mess. :/ 


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What a sweetie! Congrats!
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Lovely!  Congrats!

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Wonderful story, and such a cute boy!!!!

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Kyaa what an adorable baby!  Such sweet newborn cheeks!  Congratulations on his birth and thanks for sharing your story.

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He's gorgeous!

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awww, those cheeks, he's adorable!! congratulations, mama!

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Thank you everyone! <3

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Super cute pic and amazing story!  Congratulations!


I washed Lydia's hair on the second day, because I couldn't stand the vernix in it anymore. LOL.

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Oh such a sweet face.  heartbeat.gif
What a wonderful birth story, too.  Thanks for sharing! Congratulations, mama, and enjoy your babymoon!


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