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Vitamins for a one year old

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Hi everyone! I am new around here, but thought I'd just right in. I am looking for from vitamins for my LO. He has low hemoglobin and is exclusively breastfed. The doctor recommended Poly-Vi-Sol but I'm looking for something less slimey.  Can anyone make a suggestion?  

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I'd like to know this as well!
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I've been doing oodles of research on this as well and was just logging on to get opinions on Vitamin C brands specifically. However, here are some product links that I have found along my searches of various websites and personal experience by parents. Would love more opinions!


FYI- did you search in the forms for "toddler vitamin"? I got lots of hits.


Was thinking of getting this for when they seem to be getting sick (I have twin toddlers)



this is a multi I found:







and lastly-


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Did you search the forums for discussion on iron. I've read in many places some information about the iron in a vitamin is not easy to absorb. I wonder if there are other sources? Just a thought :)

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Regarding the Poly - V- Sol, I don't know if it's processed similar to their Fer-in -Sol, but my son was on it for a year, and it made no difference in his iron, once I started with a better iron it made a big difference in a very short time. He was low from a year, and at 3, is almost up to par. I've been using the better iron for the last 4 months. I used the liquid iron by Maxi-Health, and am now using a capsule from Zahlers where I empty the powder into applesauce because it's much cheaper than Maxi, and it's the ferrous bisglycinate chelate form of iron. My pharmacist, when I asked, told me that the Fer-in-Sol, is not the better form of iron, and recommends the better (and slightly more expensive ones.)

I need Kosher so these were my best bets, but there are many companies who have this better form of iron.

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