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I shared this on my facebook wall.  Thanks Oak Meadow!

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Why homeschool? 


I can give my child individualized instruction, quality one-on-one time, a creative and loving environment and so many more experiences than sitting in a classroom will ever give my child.

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I shared this blog post on my FB wall. Thanks!

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Because between transitions, instruction time, waiting for others, and busy work, public schooling doesn't always make the best use of time.
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Shared on my wall. smile.gif
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Why homeschool?  Because for a military family, it just seems to make the most sense.  No struggling to catch up or being bored because you're far ahead of the kids in your new school.  No difficult adjustment period of being the "new kid" in the class.  Plus, I feel I can do a better job than the public school system does these days.

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Also, shared on facebook.  :)

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I plan on Home schooling to ensure my son gets the attention I know he will not get in a class room 

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I wanted to homeschool my daughter because public school was changing who she was.  She was a creative, sensitive, free spirited and stubborn 5 year old.  After kindergarten she became self conscious, moody and not herself anymore.  I wanted her to learn about the world while still getting a good education.  I wanted her to still see it through the eyes she had before starting public school.  I wanted MY daughter back, not some cookie cutter kid.  So we started our journey in the middle of the first semester of first grade.  I think Oak Meadow would be a perfect fit for us!

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Shared on FB

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I would love to give homeschooling a try! I know there are myriad reasons why, but mostly because I can't stand being away from my kindergartener for so much of her day. :)

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Why homeschool? I want to be with my daughter while she learns. I can give her the attention she deserves, and we can focus on learning, instead of on testing. I find the values of the community where we live to not be closely aligned with those of our family - too much commercialism and focus on obtaining things to make us happy - not enough on learning and thinking and having wonderful experiences. She's too young to turn over to the hands of people who may or may not love her and care about her personal development as much as we do.

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I figured out how to share the post! I went back to the FB page where I saw it clicked the share link. 


Officially shared! Thanks for the opportunity!

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We are in our first year of homeschooling and I'm so excited for the journey ahead, which will bring us many more reasons why we're happy we homeschool, I'm sure.  As for the reasons why we chose to homeschool in the first place, the biggest would have to be that we wanted to learn together, as a family.

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Just shared this on Facebook.  :)

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Why homeschool? To make learning fun and challenging, to spend more time as a family, and to free up time to pursue our interests.

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I started homeschooling because the child I saw at home, and the child I saw at school were very different - and it broke my heart.  


My 6 (almost) 7-year-old, is a ball of nut-encrusted creativity. He runs around the house in his Toy Story tiny-whities (regardless of weather), puts vacuum parts in either side and does a mean John Wayne. He reenacts everything he sees, and does a fabulous job with sounds and characters.   He makes up stories, writes books, and has a pretty believable British "spy" accent when needed.  He wants to grow his hair long (not really something you should do in first grade in Utah).  He's not shy, he talks a wild streak from the moment his feet hit the floor in the morning, until he finally slips off to sleep at night.  


He attended public school in 2012 - the first half of first grade. I volunteered in his classroom twice a week - and beside the morning brawl of "I hate school" - it occurred to me that I was asking him to go to a place where, he was expected to (wear clothes!..lol),  sit still, don't talk to your classmates too loudly (or at all), write neatly, follow the routine, etc. Not one "Samuri Jack kills the cyber monkey robots with a #2 pencil" moment allowed. Academically, he was doing great.  


 I'm sure he's not much different than other 6-year-olds, but still, I would look at his face and see that his spirit was being put out. I'm an artist, and I wish someone would have given me that time out, that "wait a minute", maybe there's another option- moment to see where things might have gone. 


There are so many incredible resources online, I've been a little overwhelmed. But, I have some college education, and I find his lessons fun, and informative.


And ultimately I don't care if he wears the right clothes, grows his hair long, or if he has messy handwriting when he's giving the right answer. He's smart and creative - and I'll homeschool him for as long as we are able : ) 

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I homeschool because I really believe that children should be valued for who they are now - not just for who they will or can become. It is important to me for children to have choices, to be a part of their own education, to connect to the earth and to their community. For us, that has meant being able to give the children time to become who they want to be and homeschool offers us the freedom and flexibility to offer that freedom and to offer choices about how they will study something and how they will share that knowledge. Oak Meadow offers so many choices within the curriculum that appeal to different learning styles and personalities. It is a magical fit.

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I shared to my facebook wall! Thank you!

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It gives my daughter a chance to be who ever she wants. To explore, to learn, to embrace and to grow. She choose to be homeschooled and truly embraces it.

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