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I was partially homeschooled as a child and have always wanted to do it with my own. I believe that all kids learn differently and shouldn't be put in a box to learn at someone else's pace. I also love the freedom that learning at home gives our family.

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I homeschool for many reasons. Homeschooling allows my son to develop at his own pace, to explore areas of interest and follow his interests to the fullest. He can excel in areas that he is gifted in, while slowly working away at areas that he struggles in with out feeling like he is a failure or different then other kids. He has profound learning disabilities and in a typical classroom, I have no doubt that his self confidence would be trashed and that he would have already shut down and lost his thirst for learning. He also has sensory issues and as a young child he would have never been able to function in a classroom. Now, the world is his classroom. He gets to experience the real world and his experiences get coded in to his knowledge because they are real and meanigful. He gets math because it is not some abstract concept in a book, it is something that he uses each day in his life. I also love homeschooling because I get to spend so much time with my son and watch him grow. Our lives are not rushed and centered around school. He does not have the stress of trying to fit in and conform. He just gets to be himself, while developing his own self image of himself without so much outside influence. I hope that this precious gift of time will enable him to develop a strong self image and self confidence that will help him t grow in to a strong and happy man. It enable me to know what he is learning firsthand and that he is actually learning the information, not memorizing and regurating facts for a test. I love that I get to see the world through his eyes, and that I am learning so many new things right along side him. Homeschooling has been the most precious gift I could have given my son and myself.


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i homeschool because i want my kids to be individuals, and to think for themselves. i can't afford a private school and the public schools in are area are not the best.

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Why homeschool?


My children's needs were not being met in public school so I now teach them at home. Truly it is more of a child-led unschool experience at our home and when we are out and about. I can meet and exceed all three children's needs at home but when I taught a class of 20 I was unable to meet all needs daily due to time constraints, behavior issues, and state standards forcing me to ignore those who were doing well, and only teach those who were below level, on a regular basis. It was frustrating. ALL children deserve education not just some.

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Why honeschool?

We homeschool because I want my daughter to always love learning. To never see that spark leave her eyes when she "gets" something. I want to be able to teach  her how I feel she learns better and not be in a school where its a one size fits all learning.  I want to let her use her imagination and never feel that she should stop.  I love spending time with my daughter.  Homeschooling feels right for us.

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To spend more time with my children and to keep learning as the focus of our home.
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Liked Oak Meadow and Mothering.  Homeschool because I love being with my family and every child deserves an education as unique as they are!

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Why Homeschool?


Our public school has recently started cutting the arts. This year we have lost a great deal of time from Music, Art, and Health to accommodate a "new" Walk to Read program and our current administration is not open to discussing other ways of increasing reading scores (of a handful of students) without losing our arts. Next year they are adding Walk to Math and I can only imagine there will be more cuts. I want my children to have a more well rounded education.

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I posted your contest on my FB page.

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  1. WHY? I guess, BECAUSE I CAN. I am fortunate enough to have a spouse who has a fantastic job and I am a Paramedic who has a very flexible schedule. I am very frugal and we are able to live within our means quite comfortably. We are lucky enough to not be put in the situation where we have no choice but public schools. Also, because I am an Instructor (I teach EMS). I love watching my students have that "ah-ha moment" and I enjoy watching those connections being made with my own children. We currently use Oak Meadow and love how it just feels right. It's not "school", it's part of our day. Thank you for the offers.
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posted to my FaceBook, Tessa Marie

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Why homeschool?


We homeschool because we enjoy the family togetherness and flexibility the homeschooling lifestyle gives us.  The kids love it because they have lots of free time to play and explore.

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I am planning on homeschooling both of my children.  I have decided not to worry about things like cost, personal time/space, and convenience.  I have decided instead to place my children's well-being and education above these concerns.  Homeschooling may seem hectic or impossible to some people.  I feel that I should not entrust my children's education to the government.  I want my children to be able to think for themselves, learn to apply the things they learn, and be respectful while doing it.  The only way I can (with a clear conscience) do this is by homeschooling them.

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Why homeschool?

Because I didn't have children to turn them over to others 30 hours a week.

Because I can tailor each child's lessons to encourage their interests and aptitudes.

Because I get to do super fun activities with my kids and make learning an adventure for them.
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I homeschool beacuse I would raher teach my children then have them tested and tested and tested...

I want them to learn to love learning, to find their strengths, instead of always worring about their weaknesses.

I want to nurture creativity, peace, and calmness in my children.

I think that family is more important then unnecessary busy work (homework)

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We would like to homeschool so that our children have the freedom to pursue their own interests instead of being forced to study for tests dictated by whatever authority.  My children love to learn and go quite far in subjects that interest them. 

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I posted this on my FB page.

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