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Why I homeschool?

The quote from Wilma Mankiller sums is up best for me. "Those who control the education of our children, control the future."

I control the education of my children. They will know the truth about our democracy and how it came to be the way it is. This goes along with reading

"A Peoples History of the United States" by Howard Zinn. My son, along with his 7th grade Oak Meadow, is also reading "The Young Peoples History

of the Untied States". I want my children to understand the value of our rights. And I hope to give them the tools and compassion to want to take

their rights back!! The environment is a precious thing, and we need to teach our children the value of our environment, and what the corporations are

doing to it, right now.

This is why I homeschool my children. I hope for, and work for a better future, for us all.

Eron King


Rowan12 and Tobbe7

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Why home school? I truly believe I can give my daughter a better education one-on-one than she would get in a classroom full of kids. We are taking things one grade at a time, but we think home school is a great choice for the early years. I'm excited to do cool field trips that wouldn't be possible if she was in school, as well!


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I just shared this blog post on my Facebook wall, too. Because there's nothing my friends love to see more than posts about things only I am interested in. :) Just kidding, I have lots of mom friends!

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Why homeschool? There are so many positives to homeschooling, but I'll try to keep it to just a few:

I love the fact that we can choose what to learn and when to learn it. Neither the kids or I are forced into a set schedule that can't be broken, we have the freedom to start earlier or later, take a break if it's needed and go on field trips whenever we want. Not only that, but I know what my kids are learning and what areas need my attention and encouragement more. We are more eclectic in our learning style; I don't have one set curriculum to work with, so if I really like the science book in one curriculum but don't like their history books I will look in a different curriculum until I find what's right for us. I guess really I could some it up in one word FREEDOM.

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I already "like" Oak Meadow and Mothering.


Why Homeschool?


Because right now it works for my family.  


Because in my neighborhood right now there is a line to register for kindergarten that folks are planning on waiting in for 4 days (and we aren't even eligible to wait in that line because of our address even if we wanted to).  


Because it gives us flexibility.


Because my kid is asynchronous in "academics" and we can meet him where he is, let him move as quickly or as slowly as he needs/wants to.


Because we are open to adventure.


Because I don't want test scores to be the only measurement of my kid.

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I believe it is my responsibility, right and pleasure to teach my daughter.  Besides- I don't want to miss any of the journey!

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We homeschool to allow our children to experience childhood, to connect with nature and natural rythms, and to bring the whole family closer together.  We also believe homeschooling will allow our children's intelligence and individual talents to unfold without coercion or force.

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The primary reason we have chosen to home school is because school wastes childhood. Children only get so long to enjoy the magic of being a kid. My children can learn so much more at home while playing and being creative. We are actually using the Oak Meadows preschool curriculum right now, and we love it. 


Of course there are lots of other reasons we are doing it: tailoring to my children's learning style, teacher to student ratio, unit studies, et cetera

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Why home school? To provide individual attention to my kid's interests. To have control over where and what we spend our time learning, to focus on his interests, as well as introduce him to concepts that may be missed in conventional schooling. To allow my kids to interact with people of all ages and feel included in their community.

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Why homeschool?


For some it may be the long term answer for their family and their child.  For others of us it may provide a year or two of solace from the busyness of a demanding school schedule, a much-needed time of reconnection between parent and child, or a way of gauging exactly where our child is in their learning journey, after turning so much of that role & responsibility over to a teacher on a daily basis.

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I homeschool for two reasons.  First, my 12 year old has an alternative learning style.  He needs one-on-one and constant reinforcement.  My 2nd child whom I homeschool is a competitive gymanst and needs Mommy time during the day because she is at the gym up to 20 hours per week  She thrives on homeschooling.

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We want to homeschool because the goals of public education no longer align with our educational philosophies.

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