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Homeschooling helps to create stronger family bonds based on mutual respect and creativity! Children who homeschool are intelligent and able to handle the challenges of real life because each day they ARE in real life, not factored through an institution whose goals are results. In a homeschool home, each moment is for learning and the ebbs and flows of the days, weeks, months, years become the rhythm of life....Why is this different from school education? It is different because learning and home are integrated rather than compartmentalized and the child understands that learning doesn't stop as soon as they leave the classroom, but is a continuous embodied process of living!

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Homeschooling allows you to tailor the learning style to your child's needs. Plus, what a wonderful gift for your child to learn the Waldorf way!

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Because when I homeschool, I can drop what we are doing when something amazing comes along (like today :) )

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I dont homeschool yet...I am thinking about homeschooling my daughter next year. I want to see her eyes light up when she learns and to see the passion the learning gives children! 

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why homeschool?


because I love, I mean really love, learning...and I want my children to love learning too.  I think that by allowing them to pursue their dreams and interests at their own pace, in their own space, in their own time, this desire will be fulfilled. 
plus I also really love hanging out with them;)

thanks for the awesome give-away!

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We started homeschooling this year because we feel it is what is best for our daughter. It is so wonderful & freeing to be able to study what your child is interested in & at their own pace!

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I posted this on my Facebook page! Thanks!

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Why homeschool?


Because it makes sense.

Because it's fun.

Because my son has a difficult time in groups.

Because kids are growing up really fast, and I love being the primary person in their lives for as long as possible!

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I homeschool because its the best choice for my son.  He can learn at his own pace, he can learn what interests him and there is no bullying.  If he completes 2-3 grade levels per year thats not a problem.  If he spends the entire month on one project, thats not a problem either.


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Liked Oak Meadow on Facebook, and already Liked Mothering Magazine on Facebook.


Why homeschool?  Our daughter had been at a Waldorf school since parent-infant classes.  We are committed to continuing to provide her with a Waldorf-inspired curriculum beyond kindergarten, but the closest Waldorf grade school is over an hour away from our home.  She's too young to have such a long commute(!), so we have decided to homeschool her.  We also love the flexibility, collaboration (both between parents and between the parents and child), and love of lifelong learning that homeschooling can provide.


Thank you for this great opportunity!

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Why homeschool? I was homeschooled until middle school and the memories and learning adventures we did stand out brightest in my memory. I excelled in public school due to my advanced self teaching techniques the oldest child of a 4 child home must do. On the flip side my husbandwaspublic schooled but due to his dyslexia he was put in special ed. When we had our daughter we knew we were going to homeschool her. It felt right.
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Why Homeschool?


I adore spending time with my children teaching them and learning from them.  I do not want to spend the next 13 years adhering to a rigid schedule not of my choosing.  I want to assist my children in becoming independent lovers of learning who know how to do a lot of practical things and who know they can learn anything and everything they set their minds to.  

"We need dreamers, big picture thinkers, and creative problem solvers to inherit our world, not machines programmed to memorize and mimic."  -Play at home mom blog

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I shared this post! :)  Thank you for this opportunity!

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We want to homeschool so our daughter can learn in a calm, loving, and familiar atmosphere.  Our daughter has Sensory Processing Disorder and gets over stimulated in the simplest of settings.  Home is the right place for her to thrive!

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We learn at home because it is best for our children. Every person learns differently so finding a good fit is key to education in my opinion. Having a child with unique needs just highlights this more. WE use a life learning approach and love it!

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I have liked both Oak Meadow and Mothering for some time now. And have also shared the link.
Why do we homeschool? Firstly, I am on a long term leave from my school board. I have a 6, 4, and 2 year old. Ultimately at the end of the day, I'd rather be on the floor playing my children then with other people's children. We decided to keep our babies out of JK even before we were parents. But with the birth of our first child and the severe food allergies she, and we deal with daily, we felt that home with us was the safest place possible. I believe that once you begin to homeschool, it is not just a thing you do. It becomes a lifestyle. One we would not change for the world.
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Why homeschool?

I get to spend a lot of time with my daughter and I don't miss any of 'those' moments as she grows up. I also chose to homeschool so that I can have a real voice in her education and it will be heard and acted on. The quality of her education won't suffer from a poor economy, or be the whim of some politician's agenda, or her potential dampened because a teacher has a class too big with negative behaviors that take too much classroom time to deal with. We are lucky our family has choices and I am thrilled we can offer her options with homeschooling.
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