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Shared on my FB wall.

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I want to explore homeschooling to extend our influence in raising our boys. I also want to be able to meet their specific needs more fully, to give them freedom to dive into what they love, and to help instill a love for learning that goes beyond a classroom setting. Thank you to Mothering for introducing me to Oak Meadow!

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Love and time

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I homeschool my kids because I want to have a complete share in what they are being taught, and how they are taught. I rather make the needed adjustments to see that they enjoy what they are doing, not to mention without alot of distractions, they are able to focus more and benifit from their studies. my daughter is 10 and I have been schooling her since she was 3  my my son is 4 1/2   he started at 3 1/2. I get comments from people all the time how articulate they are from a young age... Homeschooling rocks!!   We enjoy it, and I encourage other parents to look into.

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I want to homeschool so that my children can learn in an environment where they are truly comfortable and can focus and so that my children have the freedom to truly be themselves.

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Not sure why I didn't share this when I wrote my response days ago, but now I have shared it on Facebook! Thanks : )

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Why homeschooling?
I was a teacher for almost a decade before I had my own children. I saw how each child I taught was so unique. I see how each day is a gift that should never be taken for granted. I want to spend these special days helping my children use their unique gifts and discovering all they can accomplish. I never want these gifts and talents to be hindered because they do not fit in the mold created by many schools.
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Why Homeschool?

After having our daughter in the public school system for several years, but being a close family who feels strongly about home learning, we finally made the leap to homeschooling several weeks ago. We did it to have control of what our children are learning, their environment, and for the closeness of our family. I am so glad we finally did it!

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I posted about it on my Facebook page, too!

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I have chosen to homeschool my kids because I feel I am already their teacher. It only makes sense that I give them an education that they deserve. I want them to enjoy, create, and find their passion and I don't want to miss a single moment. 




Mother of 3 beautiful kids:

Ethan 6, Circe 4, Atticus 2

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We homeschool because, as teachers, my husband and I know exactly what our kids would be facing in public schools in our area. And we know that teaching is not about degrees, but about a mindset, both for the student, and whoever is teaching them.
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Because I want to raise my and train my children myself.

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I shared this giveaway on facebook.

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I shared on Facebook!

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We moved to the country to start our little homestead and be more self sustainable. It only seemed fitting to keep our children in our home for schooling and for us to be their teachers.

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I've been homeschooling because I want there to be closeness in our family. I want to be in control of what and who my children are exposed to in their young lives. I want them to play, explore and create in a way that makes them inspired and challenged. I want them to remain curious, life-long learners!
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Sharing on Facebook!
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I want to give my children the best chance in life. I never planned on homeschooling till this year when my 6 year old daughter started being bullied at school...yes bullied in first grade i was shocked , Ive lost my happy joyful child, she became depressed and went from the top of her jk/sk class to the bottom in her 1st grade class. Not to mention the P.S system has failed to stop the issues , among other things.
  She deserves more ,  I can give her that by giving her an amazing education at home , where she will never feel left out , attacked , alone or sad ever again. Learning will become fun and enjoyable again. Using the Oak Meadow curriculum as a base and adding in extra content to suit each of my childrens needs as they grow.

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shared on my fb wall :)

thanks so much !!!

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Shared on Facebook. Glad to have learned about this place.

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