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We are exploring how to homeschool in our state and with our lifestyle, because we want our child to be free to learn at the pace and in the ways that are most natural for him. Finding this site and resources was so timely.

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We homeschool for academic reasons, but also for religious. Plus, I hate how long kids are away from home during a school day. With school and then homework when do kids have time to follow anything they're interested in?
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I shared this on my fb page.
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Homeschool because since the moment your baby enters your womb, you are thinking about how to care for her. From the moment of her first breath, you are concerned with her safety, her experience, and her awareness of your love. From the sounds of her first raspy cough or runny nose, you are concerned with how best to nurse her back to health. It's her hands in the cookie dough by your side, it's her warm presence next to you as she welcomes her second, third and fourth siblings. It's her laughter that signals you to stop and watch her joy, and to remember it. And when she is ready to learn, you realize that she has been learning all along, and you have been the teacher. You homeschool because you simply decide not to stop.
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Why homeschool?  Because you want your children to have more time for play, and to learn along with them...plus oh, about 100 more reasons! :)

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I want to homeschool because I believe that nothing matters more than raising whole children by teaching them from my heart rather than relying on pop culture to show them who/how to be.
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I also shared on my fb wall! smile.gif yay mothering! Yay oak meadow!
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I think homeschooling is a great way to keep the family unit together. I also like that my children can move at their own pace, and stop and explore more deeply into a subject if they are so inclined!

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There are many reason that I want to homeschool my daughter, but mostly I feel that homeschooling helps to create a more embracing environment for a child to grow and excel within their natural instincts for learning. I know from my own childhood experience within the public school system that it failed me on many levels. I want to give my daughter the best opportunities to keep her rising spirit intact and so homeschooling speaks to me and my heart on a deep level. Watching the world around me as it is ever changing and I honestly feel that the family unit is the most important learning tool we have and homeschooling is an extension of that. Through proper guidance, support and encouragement we as parents need to open up the pathway of learning on a deeper level for our children -one with heart and awarenessheartbeat.gif My 3 year old daughter is an amazing teacher to me and I have come to see all of this through her eyes! 

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Why are we choosing to homeschool? To live life as fully and honestly as possible! My husband is in the Army and will stay in for several more years. We have two very young daughters along for the ride and want to share the gifts of the world with them while moving to new spots around the globe every two or three years. While DoD schools may be adequate enough for some, we are determined to provide a broader, deeper, and more wholistic education than a traditional setting would allow. Continuity is also a very important factor; we want to ignite a flame of passion for our girls rather than changing focus on finding their way in a new situation on such a frequent basis. Life is worth living from birth!
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We homeschool for a myriad of reasons. We love to be able to spend lots of quality time together. I love watching my kids learn new concepts and have so much fun learning! We love being able to go on field trips whenever we want. We can travel. We can tailor learning plans toward our children's interests. We're on year 3 of homeschooling and loving every minute of it!

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I want to be able to foster a lifelong love of learning in my son. I want to show him the whole world so that he can find his own place in it. Homeschooling doesn't mean just being in the home, it means taking my child out into our daily life. Teaching him his "curriculum" as well as the wonders and joys of the everyday. 

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My son will be five in a week.  I have decided to homeschool him because I will never get this time back. This moment.  The world is out there and will give its own lessons in time. But until then, I want him to see the beauty there is in this world.  I want to give him the opportunity to discover himself and his relationship to the world around him.  I want to fill his vessel so full of love he has extra to take on his long journey of life.  He will have a teacher whose love is unconditional.  He will be homeschooled.

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Why Homeschool?


We homeschool bc it allows my children to have one on one attention they deserve when they learn new things. 

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We started homeschooling for academic reasons. The funny thing is that we now HS for so many different reasons. Overall though, I would say that my greatest goal is to help the kids become well rounded and happy individuals that value relationships and everyday life.
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We have always and still do have a wonderful relationship with our public school however decided to teach our kids at home this year.  What an adventure.  I honestly didnt think I would last past Christmas but now I can't imagine not teaching them.  I already see a special bond between my son and daughter and with us.  They have been diligent students and work really hard.  We can have fun, teach them our own values all from our own home.  We have alot of homeschoolers in our community that we can connect with from time to time.

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I believe homeschooling, though a gift from the past, is the future of education.  It's customizable, nourishing, and places the child firmly in the center of his or her own magnificent world.  Children are empowered to be themselves and continually discover their interests and selves as they learn.  Homeschooling fosters strong, healthy relationships and a love for learning: two things that propel individuals to great success, joy, and fulfillment throughout their lives.

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