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I am considering homeschooling in addition to traditional schooling. I see it as a way to help me be a better parent, to cultivate a sense of life long learning, and to protect my dear little daughter from what I fear the public school system may strip from her - her curiosity, her confidence and her sense of possibility. 

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Why home school? The research that I have done on homeschooling speaks to higher test scores and college readiness for so many; it leaves me asking why not? I also believe that by choosing to home school there is more opportunity to provide children with real life learning experiences that will assist them in being successful in all aspects of life. It also provides ample opportunity for parents to continue to grow and be consistently present in our jobs of raising compassionate, kind, and caring human beings. orngbiggrin.gif 

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I am seriously considering homeschooling as the best option to provide the most well-rounded and diverse education for my son.

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I also shared a link to this thread on Facebook.  

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I posted a link to this thread on Facebook as well! 

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When I started homeschooling I thought I was doing it for my daughter...So she wouldn't be bored in school, as I was.  To keep her challenged.  To inspire her.  To allow her the time and experiences to learn from the world around her.  As I continue to homeschool it is because am challenged.  I am inspired.  And most of all, I am learning amazing things from her and about her every day.

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I shared this on my facebook wall. Hope all my homeschooling friends enter as well :)

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A parent teaches their child how to talk, recognize colors and shapes, obey the cross walk, respect their neighbor and so many other things before that child or parent realizes they are schooling every day. Secular education at home is a natural extension of these learning experiences that I am happy to share with all 6 of my children. I home school not to make a political statement or to keep my little ones in a bubble. I do it because for me it is natural. My children and I enjoy learning together.

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I chose to homeschool for reasons NOT. We do not rip our kids awake in the morning, and then rush rush rush to get them out the door and onto the bus. We do not stop a good cuddly story time to move on to another subject. We do not worry about when, exactly, we eat lunch (nor do we restrict our kids from making their own mid-day hot cheesy eggs). We do not feel the pressure to scour the mall for the latest trendy shoe or shirt. We do not need to wonder about what hurtful words or actions may have been learned at school that day.

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I've shared this on fb.

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Why Homeschool?  OH the list is so long, but to put it simply and easily....I love my children and fully believe that being at home can provide the best learning enviroment possible.  We know our children best and therefore can teach according to each ability.  I love seeing my children learn.

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Why Homeschool?

Because as a child I always had more questions than my teachers could answer, I always felt like I was being shown a path and that I needed a buddy to go down it, and my teachers always said" I can't, I have to go where the majority of the class is going". When you homeschool, your child learns that he can ask questions and then find the answers, he receives a confidence and and a brave spirit.

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i just "liked" both - the mothering and the oak meadow page on facebook.

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why homeschool? because i live in shenzhen, china and the education system here is very different from my home

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We look forward to spending quality, educational time with each of our children, meeting their individual needs directly as they come up.  

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Also shared on facebook.

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I believe home schooling is above and beyond a better education.

It is tailored to each child instead of them all being at the same level in a public school. 

My daughter is 5 and in SK and is way ahead of the other children, as we work together at home. 

Unfortunately as a single mother I am unable to pay for her education, and I am very nervous about her starting school full time next year.

I am afraid she will be lost in the crowd and not able to shine with a superior education!

Oak Meadows seems to have a very high quality Curriculum. 

Thank you for the opportunity!


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I also shared on facebook

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I want to homeschool my son for several reasons: *because I want to give him the opportunity to learn at his own pace, *because I want him to learn in a more organic and hands on way and not cooped up in a rigid one size fits all regimen, *because, at least for his most formative years, I want him to learn in a loving and supportive environment and not be subject to the kind of bullying and judging that kids can inflict on each other and make a child insecure and stifle their spirit (as mine was!) - I want him to have a chance to find himself and be confident in who he is before (if ever) putting him in a public school/ clique-y situation!, *because I just can't get enough of him and I want to be there when he makes his great discoveries & share in the learning process with him!

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Why homeschool?

Flexibility, ability to tailor curriculum and activities to each child, family togetherness, opportunities to teach critical thinking with our family values as a baseline instead of whatever is currently accepted public culture! Among many other good reasons.

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