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We are considering homeschooling in the fall.  My kids are self directed learners and I don't want to overemphasize the one-size-fits-all philosophy at school.  I also want them to feel ownership over their education, and worry less about grades and more about learning for the sake of learning.

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shared on FB!

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I home school for so many reasons! We love our relaxed schedule. My children learn at their own pace, and are able to spend time doing what they feel passionate about!
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We love homeschooling for so many reasons! The flexibility lets us work around our unique schedule and we're able to spend the most time we can together. I also love that I can tailor our curriculum to my sons way of learning and we can move as fast or as slow as he needs.
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I shared the blog post on Pinterest.
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I want to be able to witness every learning step my daughter takes as she grows.  Right now, I have to work full-time and my daughter attends a great daycare, but I know that I could offer her a more tailored-to-her education and experiences that she will never get in a public school setting.  Also, I am a teacher, and I see how even the bright and personable kids do not get the full amount of attention a child should get.  It is easy for even them to fall through the cracks and be shuttled along, let alone those kids that are difficult to teach (whether because of behavior or learning challenges).  A mother can look past all that and embrace the child for who he/she is and give them the opportunities to grow and learn in whichever way is best for that specific child!  And no time issues!  Homeschooling is a learn at your child's pace setting!

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"Why homeschooling?" Individualistic, wholesomely nurtured children who thrive vibrantly as they seek to develop their tribe/place in society! If I were to create an ideal learning curriculum, it would be to incorporate; empathy, honesty, patience, wanderlust, and love. The only environment that can provide that is pure exploration/discovery! A world view classroom; sunshine on the face of a child during a phonics lesson, slimy goo up to their elbows in science experiments, pure unsolicited laughter completely uninhibited and unsuppressed, free willed analysis without judgments or high stakes testing, and innocence of a childhood spared of indoctrination without a child's' purest desire to embody their own developed ideologies! The simple question; "Why Homeschool" encourages the honest exploration for one to consider, "Why does one separate, then isolate a child(ren), stranded to an island of desks, chained to outdated methodologies, in a quest for standardized knowledge, and claim it is customarily acceptable?" I challenge that notion. I demand childhood freedom and innocence. I believe that we are cognizant and our innate wisdom awakens our primal soul that it is our conscientious journey to explore with our children, it is our tribe to enrapture our children within, nourish the life-long passion for individualized learning, open-honest communication, and unconditional love. As we are all responsible for the possibilities of today's dreams becoming tomorrows realities! Let us allow our children to grow; organically. That is my passion for homeschooling. I wish each child that uniquely attainable adventure!

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It makes your kids a whole lot more interesting, when they are interested in what they are learning! They develop a wonderful sense of self and appreciate the world around them.
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I've always felt that there is too much focus on reading and math in schools.  I didn't learn fractions because some teacher explained what the numbers and lines on the paper meant, but because I baked from the time I was very little.  And I didn't learn to read because my teachers were pushing me to do it, but because I wanted to learn about the world around me and reading seemed like the best way to go about it.  Reading and math are tools to help explain and quantify the world around us.  They are not the end-all, be-all of the world.  That's like saying that the measuring cup is more important than the recipe, or the letters and phonics more important than the content of what we're reading.  This is why I will homeschool: to make sure that my children see the world as a place to be explored and discovered, and that with the right tools, in the right context, there is no limit to what they may learn.

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I am looking forward to homeschooling my two daughters. My oldest is now 3 and I am planning on beginning with the Oak Meadows curriculum. I want to home school because I believe it will be an amazing experience for myself and my children. Being able to provide them with an intricate, detailed, and challenging curriculum, coupled with hands on/interactive activities will be a learning experience for all of us. Finally, spending that time with my children is something I believe we will all cherish!

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I shared the blog on my Facebook (Beatriz Collado).

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Why homeschool? Because each child is an individual, and homeschooling allows me to select the books and materials which are the most interesting and effective for each of my three children. They have time to pursue their passions, without being required to fit into a "one-size-fits-all" mold. Our home is a loving, safe, nurturing environment where my children are learning not only academic subjects, but also important values. 

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Why Homeschool?


  People generally don't need to be taught to be creative, divergent thinkers, thoughtful, helpful, intelligent, insightful, deep thinkers, and life-long learners.  They are born that way, and those skills and aptitudes are trained out of them - out of us - by years of relentless schooling and often well meaning but misguided adults.  People don't need to be told what to value, and what to do, we know these things, deep in our bones, and this is - often painfully - ground out of us.


  We homeshcool because children should be free to learn what, when, and how they want, because we trust our son (and whatever children may follow him) - wonderful and amazing young person he is - to decide for himself what he "should" learn today.  We trust in him, and in our relationship with him, that he will learn anything he truly needs to know.  We recognize that the future grows increasingly unpredictable, and that we cannot prepare him for such a wildly unknown future, so instead, we trust him to live his way into the knowledge he needs, to be able to learn what he needs when he discovers he needs it.  Along the way, we will be there to help however we can - without interfering too much.

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I homeschool because it it what works best for our family and enables me to respect the individuality of my children, their rhythms, their learning styles, and their interests.

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Why Homeschool?


This decision came after a long period of thought and fruitless search for a school, whether public or private, good enough to entrust with our child's education. I am a product of institutionalized school and I was always the teacher's pet. I thought teachers liked me. It was when I was out searching for a school for my child that I realized that what had happened with me was that I was fast - finishing exercises and tests at least 10 minutes before anyone else. My teachers chose to keep me engaged by helping them grade my classmates' tests and delivering messages to the principal's office. I was even in charge of ringing the bell for recess (that part I was extremely proud of). My mom used to brag about this with friends and family. I always got the best grades and it seemed like I was not even trying. Then one day, already with a three year old, I found myself thinking: What if my mom had looked closely into my situation? What if I had been placed in a more challenging system? Don't they say that if you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room?


Both my husband and I have been teachers. I taught English and Spanish for eleven years and my husband taught math and writing to 5th-8th graders. So, one day, I woke up thinking: Why am I outsourcing the education of my child? If I went back to working, I would be teaching; so why teach somebody else's children and not my own? This may sound arrogant coming from THE parent but Gandhi once said: "There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent."  There are talented teachers in the school system but, with all the bureaucracy and excessive standardized test prep, they are unable to thrive. By homeschooling our child, we ensure that our son's education is tailored to his interests and skills, but let's face it, his parents are looking forward to learning too.

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I shared on my personal FB page.

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I also shared on my Bilingual Homeschooling page on FB, I am just starting it though so it is really small.



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I could wax on about why we homeschool winky.gif, but here I'll just stick to the basics. We homeschool because we feel that as their parents we are the only ones who can ensure that our children have the environment in which they have the opportunity to cultivate a love a learning and can therefore realize their full learning potential, because we LOVE them. No one else loves our children like we do. We can tailor our teaching to help them as individuals. We homeschool because we want to be together as a family and help each other reach new heights in our lives. We benefit each other.


We would love to try Oak Meadow's curriculum! I have long been eyeing it, and I think it would be a perfect fit for our nature-based, craft-based, holistic homeschool environment. Thanks so much for this generous giveaway!!!

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