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I want to spend time with my kids and teach them in a way that best meets their needs. This would be impossible in a large classroom with one teacher whose main focus is on test scores.
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I shared the link!
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We are considering homeschooling our children so that we can nurture their creative spirits, instill a love of learning, promote critical thinking and immerse them in nature. I also enjoy experiencing the joy they get from learning and discovering, too much of our world is geared towards killing children's curiosity in order to make sure that they pass a test.
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I also shared the link on Facebook!
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We homeschool for so many reasons.  Just to name a few: we want a loving, caring environment for our children, at all times; we hope to have our children retain the natural love of learning that they were born with; we want our children to be valued as individuals and treated with respect at all times; we want our children's questions to be able to be asked and answered; we want our children to be able to help guide their education; we want our children to get a well-rounded education, rich with arts and movement; we want to be around our children as much as possible; we want to be free from grades and constant tests; we want to be free from rewards and punishments and surround our children with unconditional love and nurturing; we want our children to be able to learn outside of four walls; we want to make learning fun, and with homeschooling, we believe we can accomplish these goals and more.  No one cares more, knows them better or will try harder than we will, to teach our children.  Oak Meadow provides us with the curriculum that we desire, to meet our needs.  We are so thankful to have found Oak Meadow to use on our schooling journey.  *Jessica

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We also shared your link for entering this contest through Mothering, on facebook.  *Jessica

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Why homeschool?  Ours is a story of a sweet little boy being sent to public school for kindergarten and first grade.  And in both, the phone calls from the teacher came:  "He just can't pay attention." "Are you sure he should be in this grade?"  "He won't focus." "He is a sweet boy, but..."  These and other things/incidents were clear signs that I needed to consider homeschooling and now at the end of our first year of learning at home We Love It for so many reasons:  I get to see the ah-ha moments.  He is not distracted.  We can work on character traits throughout the day together.  No more negative influences that we cannot filter out.  A little boy who can do math with pebbles as his manipulatives, study history at historic sites, and learn science by the side of a stream.

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I posted about the giveaway on my blog's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HowTheSunRose


and on twitter: https://twitter.com/lynnnash10/status/296458207197544448

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We will homeschool because we just work better as a family when we spend our days together.  My son is finishing a year in preschool and I can't wait to start homeschooling in the Fall.  When he is home with us, his patience, love, and joy toward his brother and me grow immensely.  He is also having problems feeling excluded by his "friends" at school.  He deserves to spend his days in an environment of inclusion!

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My desire to homeschool my child has been as much an evolution of myself as a mother as a person. I learned about Oak Meadow 10 years ago and before I even contemplated motherhood. I knew this always felt authentic to me yet so many factors in my life, including the lack of support from family, has made it difficult for me to take the leap of faith. As a single mother, having the "village" to support you on your journey is crucial in so many ways. Nonetheless, this year and this time, we are making it happen. Public school has done its number on my little one and we are DONE. We will face many challenges and ALOT of opposition, of this I am sure. I know that many close to me disagree with my choice and I am facing a backlash of negativity. That being said, I know and feel that that choices I make that resonate from deep within are the RIGHT choices. I am really excited to get started on this journey with Oak Meadow and extremely grateful for the camaraderie and community I have here with all of you. :)

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They grow up too fast as it is....Homeschooling give us much more time everyday to enjoy them!

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We are homeschooling our son because we want him to be free to learn at his own pace. We want his imagination to flourish and not be stifled by the rules of school. We want our child to be able to do his work while standing and moving if that is how he is comfortable. We also believe homeschooling/life learning provides better socialization.

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I shared this on facebook.

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We're homeschooling our son because we believe in trying to keep his spirit bright and happy :) He is also a very sensitive boy who wants to explore and yet be close to his tribe of people. It's the perfect fit for us because we really want to help him discover who he is and live an adventurous and fulfilling life! Plus I think it's just awesome that he can be self-directed with his learning and flouish where his strenghts are.

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I shared on my facebook page!!

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Why homeschool....Because I am a stay at home dad that used to teach at "Head Start" and loves teaching my kids at home. i love knowing where they are...I love my kids knowing that dad knows things and its not just women that can teach. I love working with my wife to teach our kids amazing things. 

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I shared this on facebook!

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Homeschooling allows me to fully engage with my son, all day, every day.

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I'd like to homeschool because I want my children to have an appreciation for learning, and I want them to have fun with their education. I don't want them to think that school is about filling out worksheets, and getting papers turned in. I want them to be able to have thought processes, and not feel entitled to basic things. I'd like to deviate outside state requirements to allow them to pursue learning about things they are interested in, and focus beyond the basics of a topic. I want my kids to have the skills to be leaders, and I'm not confident in our public school systems to give them all these things. 

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I shared on Facebook!

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